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mistress mary, quite contrary, the lord is with you.

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chumbawumba  mary mary  buy on itunes
qntal  nihil  buy on itunes
razed in black  i worship you  buy on itunes
y-luk-o  s.k.e.s (remix by kirlian came)  buy on itunes
faith and the muse  cantus  buy on itunes
rotersand  electronic world transmission  buy on itunes
god module  interference (stromkern remix)  buy on itunes
apotheosis  o fortuna multimix  buy on itunes
wumpscut   your last salute (das ich remix)  buy on itunes
b! machine   black opium  buy on itunes
covenant  prometheus  buy on itunes
weltesche  faehrmann  buy on itunes
lights of euphoria  show me your tears (industrial heads vs apoptgyma bezerk remix)  buy on itunes
das ich  re-animat  buy on itunes
madonna  justify my love (beast within remix)  buy on itunes


this is a modified dj-set I performed once -- a semi-religious, gritty synth-meets-eastern instrumental sound. Not quite industrial, but it seemed the closest category to choose from. The best transition is song six to song seven -- no mixing necessary, the songs transition perfectly (how convenient for the necessary bathroom breaks in sets!) and I think the madonna remix might be one of my favorite slow-down songs to use for a set, ever.


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