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Reliving the Break Up through Mario Kart

Artist Song Buy
Wierd Al Yankovic  Since You've Been Gone  buy on itunes
Aimee Mann  Save Me  buy on itunes
Fenix Tx  Speechless  buy on itunes
Elliot Smith  Miss Misery  buy on itunes
Staind and fred durst  outside  buy on itunes
Caviar  Goldmine  buy on itunes
Dexter Freebish  Leaving Town  buy on itunes
george jones  she thinks i still care  buy on itunes
hole  doll parts  buy on itunes
Vast  Free  buy on itunes
neve  its over now  buy on itunes
Cranberries  Linger  buy on itunes
Weezer  The World Has Turned And Left Me Here  buy on itunes
Lucky Boys Confusion  Fred Astaire  buy on itunes
Cake  I Will Survive  buy on itunes
Mono  Life In Mono  buy on itunes
The Ataris  Last Song I'll Ever Write About a Girl  buy on itunes
Mest  Richard Marxism  buy on itunes
The Get Up Kids  Valentine  buy on itunes


made for a friend of my mine to help nurse her broken heart. let's hope this experience doesn't sour her on men in general.


Date: 5/8/2001
I LOVE (love) this mix. Look me up, whatever I have...its yorus.
Date: 5/9/2001
aaah! You've got "Lucky Boys confusion"!!! I love "Fred Astaire"!
The mix is awesome too.... i really like it...
Date: 5/15/2001
Currently making a mix where the second song is "Since You've Been Gone"... just sums up everything, doesn't it, and catchy, too.
Date: 7/10/2002
one more minute by wierd al is a good one too

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