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CD | Mixed Genre
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Viewmaster Reels of Calico Kittens

Side A
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Side A (29:51) 

Viewmaster Reels

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1. Lemon Demon  "Dead Sea Monkeys" (4:06)  buy on itunes
2. Logan Whitehurst & The Jr. Science Club  "Me and the Snowman" (3:29)  buy on itunes
3. Arrah & The Ferns  "Apple for Evan" (2:18)  buy on itunes
4. Lima Research Society  "Magic Juice Box" (2:37)  buy on itunes
5. Math the Band  "Somebody Tell Me to Stop Being a Jerk" (0:46)  buy on itunes
6. Lemon Demon & Marty Allen  "Knife Fight" (4:19)  buy on itunes
7. iji  "Bright Colors" (2:52)  buy on itunes
8. Marty Allen  "Animal Robot Armada" (1:10)  buy on itunes
9. Lemon Demon  "Dinosaurchestra", pt. 1 (1:49)  buy on itunes
10. Lima Research Society  "Pizza Party at the Center of the Earth" (2:15)  buy on itunes
11. Math the Band  "Antarctic Excursion", pt. 1 (4:10)  buy on itunes
Side B

of Calico Kittens

Side B (29:56)  buy on itunes
1. Uncle Monsterface  "Lobster Building" (2:48)  buy on itunes
2. Aaron Ackerson  "Not the End" (2:43)  buy on itunes
3. 8bit bEtty  Theme to Reading Rainbow (2:15)  buy on itunes
4. Logan Whitehurst & The Jr. Science Club  "How Ya Doin', Emily?" (2:29)  buy on itunes
5. Red Pony Clock  "12-Color Step" (2:27)  buy on itunes
6. The Smittens  "Stop the Bombs" (3:22)  buy on itunes
7. Tinyfolk  "Things" (2:49)  buy on itunes
8. Breakfast Song  "Stained T-Shirt" (3:29)  buy on itunes
9. Super Famicom  "Snow" (3:43)  buy on itunes
10. Tinyfolk & The Secret Owl Society  "We Are Hedgehogs" (3:51)  buy on itunes


Suitable for C60+.
This is of a particular synthesized twee-pop scene, mostly in Massachusetts, I think, and a few related, more New-Weird-American-like artists near the end of side B.
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Date: 12/23/2007
This title is magical. Have only heard the Reading Rainbow theme. Can't wait to hear this.
Date: 12/24/2007
I enjoyed this. Espesh the Lemon Demon & Marty Allen "Knife Fight" (4:19). Made a mental note to google them later. thanks
Date: 4/2/2008
Do I know you? I feel like I would have met anyone who would have made this mix. I'm Tinyfolk.

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