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CD | Alternative - Indie Rock

No Name Mix for a Boy

Artist Song Buy
Josh Hodges  Emma  buy on itunes
Beirut  Elephant Gun  buy on itunes
Hotel Lights  Stumbling Home Winter Blues  buy on itunes
Slow Runner  Everything is Exactly What it Seems  buy on itunes
Pinback  Fortress  buy on itunes
French Kicks  Piano  buy on itunes
Of Montreal  SLeeping in the Beetle Bug  buy on itunes
Page France  Hat and Rabbit  buy on itunes
Beulah  If We Can Land A Man On The  buy on itunes
Quasi  All the Same  buy on itunes
Built to Spill  In Your Mind  buy on itunes
The Greenhornes  Three Faint Calls  buy on itunes
The Natural History  Watch This House  buy on itunes
Clap Your Hands Say Yeah  Is This Love?  buy on itunes
Brendan Benson  Tiny Spark  buy on itunes
Grandaddy  A.M. 180  buy on itunes
David Karsten Daniels  American Pastime  buy on itunes
The Lucksmiths  T-Shirt Weather  buy on itunes
Jennifer O'Connor  Exeter, Rhode Island  buy on itunes
Benjy Ferree  Leaving the Nest (It's a Long Way Down)  buy on itunes
Ted Leo & The Pharmacists  Where Have All the Rude Boys Gone?  buy on itunes


Completed and given in 8/07. Made in return for a mix that a boy I had a crush on was making me at the time. I only knew a few things about him at the time, one thing being he's an avid mix-maker. Having not ever made one for someone else before and being too overwhelmed (and unskilled) to really get into the science of "flow", etc, I really just decided to give him a conglomeration of songs I like that I hoped he liked too. Along with a warning to not judge too harshly.


Johnny Dark
Date: 12/29/2007
Nice mix.And it sure is T-Shirt weather in my neck of the woods today.
Date: 12/30/2007
love the lucksmiths track!

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