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Songs from all the countries of Africa, Disc two

Artist Song Buy
Libya: Nasir al-Zimawi wa al-Nusur  Unknown  buy on itunes
Benin: Charles Rodriguez  L'Amour Ne s' Achete Pas  buy on itunes
Ivory Coast: Charles Atangana & Emitais  Onguindo  buy on itunes
Angola: Orquesta Semba Tropical  Ku Tambi ya Veya Kaombo  buy on itunes
Cape Verde: Ana Firmino with Tito Paris  Chico Malandro  buy on itunes
Republic of the Congo (Congo-Brazzaville): Linaud Orchestre Tembo  Mpuanani  buy on itunes
Liberia: Hawa Moore  Dei Ya Monnue  buy on itunes
Seychelles: Thomas Alexie  Mon Dorina  buy on itunes
Comoros: Zainaba  Miandi  buy on itunes
Zanzibar: Black Star Musical Club  Alpenzi na Kiumbe  buy on itunes
Mozambique: Nacio Makanda  Kerestina  buy on itunes
Guinea-Bissau: Super Mama Djombo  Seya  buy on itunes
Equatorial Guinea: Hijas del Sol  Kumbala  buy on itunes
Guinea: Nimba-Jazz de N'ZTrTkorT  Babaniko  buy on itunes
Mauritius: J.K. Nelson  Tous LT DT  buy on itunes
Rodrigues: Le Groupe Kaskavel  Laval  buy on itunes
Senegal: Daro Mbaye  Wal Jotna  buy on itunes


Hi Folks! Happy New Year!

Here's disc two of an eclectic sampling of sounds from all 53 countries of Africa. It was quite an educative adventure, and turned out some bitchin' mixes, I do believe. Thanks to the incredible blogs,,,,, and
Another shout out to the Smithsonian's for providing a conucopia of field recordings as mp3 downloads.




Oops. Two Ivory Coasts: Manou Gallo 's Amagnany must go. Sorry! Mauritius and Rodrigues slipped in at 15 and 16.

image for mix


g.a.b. l@bs
Date: 1/4/2008
A wonderful series.
Rob Conroy
Date: 1/4/2008
This is a fantastic idea and if this is even half as great as the first volume, it's totally worthwhile.
Date: 1/4/2008
Smithsonian, eh? I imagine they have recordings from all over the world, so are there plans to continue your conquest of the world, one continent at a time?
Date: 1/4/2008
Stunning. I love it when a mix appears and I know nothing on it. Great work.
Date: 1/5/2008
Georges Collinet would be proud!
anthony lombardi
Date: 1/5/2008
a total labor of love here, evident from all corners - very inspiring
Date: 1/7/2008
I must set things, right. THIS IS AWESOME!!!!!
Date: 1/8/2008
What a killer listen! Excellent, Mike.
It may be a coincidence, but my favorites were the ones from the Portuguese-speaking countries (Angola, G-B, Mozambique, CV) which seem to share some musical notions with Brazilian music. Anyway, exotic and unusual stuff all the way thru. Great project.
Date: 1/8/2008
I took this home with me last night so I could listen while I paid my bills and balanced my checkbook. this is my favorite series ever, I swear. just incredible. loved that Libya track, the Benin and Zanzibar tracks too. Knew the Seychelles tune would be a favorite as soon as I heard the organ start to play, and another favorite was from Senegal, a song that seems to include a trio of squeaking mice on backing vocals. great stuff!

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