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The Royal Class of 2007

Side A
Artist Song Buy
Jens Lekman  Your Beat Kicks Back Like Death (the 5:57 version)  buy on itunes
Noah and the Whale  5 Years Time  buy on itunes
Loudon Wainwright III  Grey in L.A.  buy on itunes
Los Campesinos!  You! Me! Dancing!  buy on itunes
Bloc Party  I Still Remember  buy on itunes
The New Pornographers  All the Old Showstoppers  buy on itunes
Apples in Stereo  Can You Feel it?  buy on itunes
The Shins  A Comet Appears  buy on itunes
The Eames Era  Watson by Your Side  buy on itunes
Of Montreal  Heimdalsgate Like a Promethean Curse  buy on itunes
Maia Hirasawa  You and Me and Everyone We Know  buy on itunes
Devendra Banhart  Shabop Shalom  buy on itunes
The Icicles  Gedge's Song  buy on itunes
The Broken West  Down in the Valley  buy on itunes
The White Stripes  You Don't Know What Love is (You Just Do as You're Told)  buy on itunes
Walker Kong  Andy Warhol and the Honey Bees  buy on itunes
The Wombats  Let's Dance to Joy Division  buy on itunes
The Hot Toddies  HTML  buy on itunes
My Teenage Stride  To Live and Die in the Airport Lounge  buy on itunes
Dan Deacon  Jimmy Joe Roche  buy on itunes
Dinosaur Jr.  We're Not Alone  buy on itunes
Vincent Vincent and the Villains  On My Own  buy on itunes
Side B
Apples in Stereo  Energy  buy on itunes
Sahara Hotnights  Visit to Vienna  buy on itunes
Jens Lekman  Friday Night at the Drive-in Bingo  buy on itunes
Plushgun  Just Impolite  buy on itunes
Of Montreal  Suffer for Fashion  buy on itunes
Tim Armstrong  Lady Demeter  buy on itunes
Parts & Labor  Fractured Skies  buy on itunes
The Pipettes  Pull Shapes  buy on itunes
Rilo Kiley  Breakin' Up  buy on itunes
The Shins  Nothing at All  buy on itunes
The Raveonettes  With My Eyes Closed  buy on itunes
The Ark  Death to the Martyrs  buy on itunes
Lucky Soul  Add Your Light to Mine, Baby  buy on itunes
The Sheds  Reflections of the Sun  buy on itunes
The Cribs  Men's Needs  buy on itunes
MIA  Paper Planes  buy on itunes
Gogol Bordello  Ultimate  buy on itunes
Iron & Wine  Resurrection Fern  buy on itunes
Dropkick Murphys  Johnny, I Hardly Knew Ya  buy on itunes
P.J. Otaku  Mrs. Nuclear  buy on itunes
Against Me! featuring Tegan Quin  Borne on the FM Waves of the Heart  buy on itunes
Bright Eyes  If the Brakeman Turns My Way  buy on itunes


Dammit, I've been gone for a long time. Made countless mixes since I've been away from AOTM but just never got around to posting them, or even visiting the site to enjoy the usual array of brilliant entries from other posters. I hate when I get out of the habit of doing things I genuinely enjoy, but it happens to me so often it must be a personality defect. Anyway while I try to get re-acquainted with this great site, instead of trying to dig through my mixes and post them all, I'll just be like everyone else and post a list of my favorite songs from 2007. In past years I've done a combination of songs released in that year and older ones I merely discovered in that year, and I could easily do the same again here, since I've been plumbing music history recent and bygone more than ever lately, but I've also managed to keep abreast of the year's specific offerings with a sharper eye than ever before, so I feel I'm at least basically worthy of contributing a favorites list. Oh, how weakly I contrive reasons to do this...I just want to, okay? I love music and there was so much of it that was fantastic, awesome, beautiful in 2007, and after sifting through hundreds, even thousands of tunes I listened to from January to right now, here's what I think are the top-drawer masterpieces. Needless to say my life is exponentially richer with these tracks now a part of it. Good luck to everyone in 2008 :)


Date: 1/5/2008
Heimdalsgate Like a Promethean Curse, Energy and Pull Shapes are highlights for me.
Date: 1/5/2008
Great round up, I've got my usual Eternity conflict over a few choices but my finger would rarely be called upon for skip duties. Fave from the Apples in Stereo album starts side 2. Happy new year to you and the missus Mike.
Date: 1/5/2008
i concur in a big way with respect to of montreal's newest efforts. also, "shabop shalom" is genius.
e. buster
Date: 1/5/2008
Just wanting to is excuse enuff, isn't it? :) Glad to see Resurrection Fern representing I&W. Destined to be the standout track of the decade IMHO. Some others I haven't heard yet - I'd better get busy.
Date: 1/7/2008
It was a good year and this is a good sampling.
Date: 1/8/2008
Think I must get that Lucky Soul LP. So much to love here, a real musical treat.
Mark Petruccelli
Date: 1/23/2008
You're right, we have been listening to alot of the same stuff in the last 12 months. Digging the Loudon, Apples, Shins, Of Montreal, Banhart and Rilo Kiley especially.

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