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Another Day Spent Marveling at This World

Artist Song Buy
Noah and the Whale  Jocasta  buy on itunes
The Most Serene Republic  Humble Peasants  buy on itunes
Peter Bjorn and John  Objects of My Affection  buy on itunes
Irene  Seaside  buy on itunes
The Magnetic Fields  California Girls  buy on itunes
The Sinister Turns  The Last Time  buy on itunes
Tegan and Sara  Underwater  buy on itunes
The Spinto Band  Direct to Helmet  buy on itunes
Architecture in Helsinki  Hold Music  buy on itunes
Peachcake  Song of the Century  buy on itunes
Page France  Chariot  buy on itunes
Devendra Banhart  Chinese Children  buy on itunes
Beirut  Guyamas Sonora  buy on itunes
Nada Surf  See These Bones  buy on itunes
David Kitt  Pressure Drop  buy on itunes
Sea Wolf  I Made a Resolution  buy on itunes
Ladybug Transistor  California Stopover  buy on itunes
Pelle Carlberg  Pamplona  buy on itunes
The Choir Practice  White Hat  buy on itunes
Mountain Goats  San Bernardino  buy on itunes
Jens Lekman  Happy Birthday, Dear Friend Lisa  buy on itunes
Colbie Caillat  Bubbly  buy on itunes
Okkervil River  John Allyn Smith Sails  buy on itunes
Maplewood  Pocono  buy on itunes
Ryan Adams  Halloween Head  buy on itunes
Tullycraft  The Lonely Life of a UFO Researcher  buy on itunes
Wussom Pow  Since Yesterday  buy on itunes
Expecting Rain  Not Otherwise Specified  buy on itunes
Editors  Road to Nowhere  buy on itunes
The Extra Glenns  Somebody Else's Parking Lot in Sebastopol  buy on itunes


Going for more of a peaceful moodiness this time, despite some louder sections. Got some new stuff in there (Nada Surf who I don't usually care much about, but this is a good lead single, and also Magnetic Fields and Mountain Goats) and lots of indie pop that just melts my heart with alternating joy and melancholy. I'm inclined to apologize for Colbie Caillat for superficial reasons, but the song perfectly matches the tone I was seeking, and whatever, I like her. Also included some stark covers of some of my favorite songs (reggae chestnut Pressure Drop, Strawberry Switchblade's Since Yesterday, Talking Heads', Road to Nowhere), just 'cuz they happened to be in my recent listening rotations at the same time and I realized they all touched on similar feelings. Oh and I realize this is like the 89th mix in a row of mine to feature Jens Lekman, but he was the Entertainer of the Year in 2007, if you ask me (his album and the many other recordings he released), and just seems appropriate for every occasion when it comes to my mixes. I'm proud to say he's my regular.


Date: 1/6/2008
Love the Beirut and Ryan Adams
Date: 1/6/2008
can't stand the new nada surf, their old stuff is a lot better. but i love beirut, devendra banhart, tullycraft, and even the mountain goats are good every once in a while. i like the feel of this one.
anthony lombardi
Date: 1/6/2008
the new mag fields is pretty great - esp. love that song, & the ryan adams, & lots of other cool stuff here

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