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CD | Mixed Genre
Cassette | Hip Hop/Rap
CD | Theme - Romantic
CD | Theme - Romantic
Cassette | Mixed Genre

The Electronic Republic

Side A
Artist Song Buy
Jean-Luc Ponty  Imaginary Voyage-Part 4  buy on itunes
Shadowfax  Watercourse Way  buy on itunes
Tomita  Snowflakes Are Dancing (Children's Corner, No. 4)  buy on itunes
Kraftwerk  Radio Stars  buy on itunes
Chiodos  Expired In Goreville  buy on itunes
Skinny Puppy  Addiction  buy on itunes
Korn  Am I Going Crazy?  buy on itunes
Astroturf  Disengage  buy on itunes
Possessed  Pentagram  buy on itunes
Suicidal Tendencies  Subliminal  buy on itunes
This Bike Is A Pipe Bomb  Drunk Punk  buy on itunes
Side B
Burzum  Einfnhlungsverm÷gen  buy on itunes
Sublime  Get Out (Remix)  buy on itunes
NewOrder  Let's Go (Nothing For Me)  buy on itunes
White Stripes  Let's Build A Home  buy on itunes
Starcastle  To The Fire Wind  buy on itunes
Metallica  Whiplash  buy on itunes
AFI  Shatty Fatmas  buy on itunes
Flotsam and Jetsam  Der Fuhrer  buy on itunes
Demon Hunter  Not I  buy on itunes
Napalm Death  Pay For The Privelege Of Breathing  buy on itunes
Orbital  Shadows  buy on itunes
Against Me!  White People For Peace  buy on itunes


So many platonics...Title's taken from a book I spotted at the local junk store, a status shared by most of this music. There were several bands I omitted from Soundtrack To Falling Off The Cliff, mainly because they wouldn't fit. These bands include Sublime, NewOrder, and Burzum. I also made it a point to include bands I haven't listened to in a long time. Side one, in my opinion, is the best set of song transitions I've done so far. Side two is pretty unoriginal, however, or at least becomes more and more so toward the end.
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Date: 3/23/2008
I don't know a whole lot, but I'm intrigued by your comments and choices.
Darth Pazuzu
Date: 4/20/2009
This is a very interesting collection, a very uniquely eclectic combination of talents! White Stripes, Tomita, Metallica, Starcas-tle, Napalm Death, Korn, New Order and Kraftwerk all on the same mix?! I really like the way your mind works!

(Oh, by the way: You might want to resubmit this by way of the "Up-date" feature, because Sides One & Two are both "mashed" together right now...!)

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