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CD | Mixed Genre
Cassette | Hip Hop/Rap
CD | Theme - Romantic
CD | Theme - Romantic
Cassette | Mixed Genre

Prego amore vieni con me

Artist Song Buy
The White Stripes  We're Going To Be Friends  buy on itunes
MC Lars  Rap Girl  buy on itunes
Name Taken  Want  buy on itunes
Apolofourforty  Heart Go Boom  buy on itunes
Ima Robot  Alive  buy on itunes
Ocean Blue  Whenever Your Around  buy on itunes
Suicide Machines  Sometimes I Don't Mind  buy on itunes
Nice Guy Eddie  True Blue  buy on itunes
Spiderbait  Fucken Awesome  buy on itunes
Riddlin' Kids  Jinx Removing  buy on itunes
Motion City Soundtrack  Everything Is Alright  buy on itunes
Blue October  Calling You  buy on itunes
Semisonic  Delicious  buy on itunes
Lemon Demon  Haiku  buy on itunes
Barry Louis Polisar  All I Want Is You  buy on itunes
Erland Oye  Prego Amore  buy on itunes
Gomez  We Don't Know Where We're Going  buy on itunes
Biffy Clyro  Strung To Your Ribcage  buy on itunes


Ironically enough, my Valentine's Day gift from my girlfriend. Shows our big differences in taste (Ima Robot is the only familiar band). Can't stop listening to it.


Date: 2/18/2008
big ups to erlend oye!

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