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CD | Mixed Genre
Cassette | Hip Hop/Rap
CD | Theme - Romantic
CD | Theme - Romantic
Cassette | Mixed Genre

What's "Fo' Shizzle" in Chinese?

Side A
Artist Song Buy
Ghost Style (Hong Kong)  LOTG (ft. Kwokkin)  buy on itunes
Sagopa Kajmer (Turkey)  Vesselam  buy on itunes
Kasta (Russia)  Skazka  buy on itunes
Absolute Beginner (Germany)  Hammerhart  buy on itunes
Side B
MC Hotdog (Taiwan)  Bottom of the Ninth Inning  buy on itunes
Sheryo (France)  Rachid Et Goliath  buy on itunes
La Fossa (Italy)  Dove Tira Il Vento  buy on itunes
yellowScarfThugs (Hong Kong)  Toast  buy on itunes


After putting some Polish hip hop on my girlfriend's V-Day mix I thought, "What other foreign countries produce hip hop?" I wanted to stay away from the U.K., mainly because U.K. and U.S. culture have always been linked in my opinion (also, I'd be too tempted to slap a dozen Akira The Don songs on this tape). I put two Hong Kong rappers on here mainly because Ghost Style has what I percieve as a slight American slant. Some seem to be influenced by American acts (La Fossa vaguely reminds me of Lil' Jon), and some are just God-awful, albeit in an interesting way. There's a shortage of songs because I dubbed over my Heet Ebow instructional tape to make this mix.


Date: 3/24/2008
I would like to hear this, love the last line of your comment.

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