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Breakbeat Is Bullshit ! ! !

Artist Song Buy
Paul Jackson  The Way We Do It   buy on itunes
Dynamo Dresden  Remember  buy on itunes
U2  New York(Jimmy Cauty 'Nice' rmx)  buy on itunes
Unkle  Reign  buy on itunes
Unkle  Eye for An Eye  buy on itunes
Unkle  Eye For An Eye(Force Mass Motion vs Dylan Rhymes rmx)  buy on itunes
DJ Shadow  G.D.M.F.S.B(Unkle rmx)  buy on itunes
Hybrid  Gravastar  buy on itunes
Freeland  Heel'n'Toe  buy on itunes
Apollo 440  Dude Descending A Staircase(Stanton Warriors rmx)  buy on itunes
New Order  Confusion(Koma & Bones rmx)  buy on itunes
Freeland  Supernatural Thing  buy on itunes
Freq Nasty  Sil Num Tao  buy on itunes
Express 2  Smoke Machine(Koma & Bones rmx)  buy on itunes
Koma & Bones  Twisted  buy on itunes
Dave Clarke  Dirtbox  buy on itunes
Paul Jackson  The Push  buy on itunes
Kelis  Milkshake(DJ zinc rmx)  buy on itunes


I used to love breaks,but to be honest I've gone off it over the last couple of years,a lot of it these days sounds formulaic.All of these tunes are from 2003 when the sound was still quite fresh.Right now if you're looking for innovation its all about this space!


avocado rabbit
Date: 2/27/2008
I have a hard time keeping all the genres and sub-genres of house/electronic/etc music straight. Whatever the style, I like many of these artists.
Date: 2/29/2008
The second mix of yours I've listened to and I'm fast becoming a fan, there's a few fantastic tunes in there, G.D.M.F.S.B, Dirtbox and in particular Reign which narrrowly missed out on my Bestest two parter. Agree with your sentiments on the genre, this was a great year though. I'm still nervous about mixing beats but I can certainly use your good self as a yardstick. Thanks for sharing!

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