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The Dark Side Of Shuffle Play Mode #9

Artist Song Buy
Flo & Eddie  Afterglow  buy on itunes
The Gerbils  Sunshine Soul  buy on itunes
Robert Pollard  Zoom (It Happens All Over The World)  buy on itunes
The Replacements  Color Me Impressed  buy on itunes
Marshall Crenshaw  2541 [live, Grant Hart cover]  buy on itunes
Ringo Starr  It Don't Come Easy  buy on itunes
Graham Parker  Nobody Hurts You  buy on itunes
Architecture In Helsinki  Scissor Paper Rock  buy on itunes
Brian Jonestown Massacre  Got My Eye On You  buy on itunes
Robyn Hitchcock  Beautiful Girl  buy on itunes
Yo La Tengo  Roadrunner [live on WFMU]  buy on itunes
Los Lobos  Will The Wolf Survive?  buy on itunes
Dave Edmunds  Queen of Hearts  buy on itunes
Butthole Surfers  Hey  buy on itunes
Blur  Parklife  buy on itunes
The Breeders  Divine Hammer  buy on itunes
Sweet  Paperback Writer  buy on itunes
New Order  Atmosphere [live]  buy on itunes
The Thrills  Say It Ain't So  buy on itunes
Meat Puppets  Out My Way  buy on itunes
The Who  The Quiet One  buy on itunes
Joe Strummer & The Mescaleros  White Man In Hammersmith Palais [live]  buy on itunes
Spiritualized  Run  buy on itunes
The Millennium  It's You  buy on itunes
Superchunk  100,000 Fireflies  buy on itunes
Simple Minds  The American  buy on itunes


My latest Rob Conroy For The Hell Of It Mix. Just a buncha stuff I was in the mood to hear -- some recent acquisitions, tunes that popped into my head, stuff that was lying around, etc.
NOTE on the cover: Since people have commented on this, I should point out that the cover art is from Peter Milligan's wonderfully trippy late 80s/early 90s comic book Shade, The Changing Man. It never quite got the traction of other innovative DC comic series of the time (i.e. Sandman, Hellblazer, Alan Moore's Swamp Thing, Doom Patrol, etc.), and thus has never been republished in graphic novel form (the first few issues aside), but it was a terrific ride, both narratively and visually, and back issues are worth tracking down for fans of the genre. A bit ahead of its time, but 90s emo kids would've loved it.
image for mix


anthony lombardi
Date: 2/28/2008
i'm really going to have to start taking lessons in these "for the hell of it" mixes - love the 'mats, ringo, graham parker, blur & meat puppets tracks
Date: 2/28/2008
This is fantastic!
avocado rabbit
Date: 2/28/2008
Love the kick-off from Flo & Eddie.
Date: 2/28/2008
Love the cover art. The mix is very fine too.
Rob Conroy
Date: 2/28/2008
Looks like a great mix (and a great cover). Thanks for the namecheck.
Funky Ratchet
Date: 2/28/2008
Ah...the 'Mats, BJM, Butthole Surfers, Breeders, Meat Puppets, Superchunk. Like it!
Mark Petruccelli
Date: 2/28/2008
Likin the Flo & Eddie, Ringo, BJM, Los Lobos and Strummer tracks.
Date: 2/28/2008
Wow, another great FTHOIM. This is wonderful top to bottom.
Date: 2/28/2008
Don't know if you copped the new Breeders album, but it's fantastic... you'll probably dig it a lot. As for this mix, looks pretty sweet.
sport !
Date: 2/28/2008
Spot-on! Excellent FTHOI mix.
Date: 2/29/2008
That Blur track sticks out... in a cool way. Nice mix.
Sean Lally
Date: 2/29/2008
Wow, 2 Flo and Eddie tracks in 1 day!
Date: 3/1/2008
Color me impressed. Looks like a divine FTHOI collection. You obviously have a spectacular music collection to draw from. So why didn't you use this cover (which is excellent) for #8?
Date: 3/3/2008
Great mix!Re the cover comments: I enjoyed the Milligan Shade but not nearly as much as the utterly demented Ditko original (tho isn't demented Ditko a tautology?)
Date: 3/27/2008
Some favorites from Blur, Ringo and Mr. Strummer. Hear, hear!

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