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CD | Theme - Sleep
CD | Theme

And this also has been one of the dark places of the earth

Side A
Artist Song Buy
the white stripes  there's no home for you here, girl  buy on itunes
sleater-kinney  one more hour  buy on itunes
rilo kiley  the good that won't come out  buy on itunes
tegan and sara  back in your head  buy on itunes
pj harvey  dry  buy on itunes
sufjan stevens  chicago (multiple personality disorder version)  buy on itunes
sheryl crow  if it makes you happy  buy on itunes
bright eyes  take it easy (love nothing)  buy on itunes
modest mouse  the world at large  buy on itunes
regina spektor  summer in the city  buy on itunes
hole  doll parts  buy on itunes
Side B
sublime  what i got  buy on itunes
red hot chili peppers  scar tissue  buy on itunes
weezer  island in the sun  buy on itunes
the beatles  something (alt-take on Anthology)  buy on itunes
noisettes  never fall in love again  buy on itunes
rilo kiley  the absence of god  buy on itunes
laura veirs  magnetized  buy on itunes
death cab for cutie  tiny vessels  buy on itunes
death cab for cutie  transatlanticism  buy on itunes
nick drake  one of these things first  buy on itunes
cat stevens  trouble  buy on itunes


It feels like I'm waiting for something, and I'm just on the verge of getting it. I feel pure and clean and calm. On the other hand, I have been hurt and betrayed and want to do nothing but cry and sleep. Loved Side A of "damp cotton clouds," hated Side B. Made some changes and not just on the tape.
Side A: I was a fool
Side B: You were my friend


avocado rabbit
Date: 3/2/2008
Love the Laura Veirs track. Saw her on a trip to Cleveland, of all places, a couple years ago.
Date: 3/7/2008
I smell trouble . . . The mix is great though . . . and there is a surprising amount here that I know . . . cheer up !
Date: 3/29/2008
I agree with Gobi, life shouldn't be that serious...

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