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The Living Impaired

Artist Song Buy
Eyes Of Fire  The End Result Of Falling  buy on itunes
(EVP Voice)  "We Originate On A Planet"  buy on itunes
Candlemass  Black Candles  buy on itunes
The Misfits  Crawling Eye  buy on itunes
u-Ziq  The Motorbike Track  buy on itunes
Dance Gavin Dance  The Robot With Human Hair pt. 1  buy on itunes
Flight Of The Conchords  The Most Beautiful Girl In The Room  buy on itunes
Sublime  Smoke Two Joints  buy on itunes
(EVP Voice)  "Dead Machines"  buy on itunes
Sublime  Steppin' Razor  buy on itunes
Flight Of The Conchords  Robots  buy on itunes
Cobra  Hypocrisy  buy on itunes
Sublime  Pool Shark  buy on itunes
The Misfits  Lost In Space  buy on itunes
Celtic Frost  Fainted Eyes  buy on itunes
Nekromantix  Driller Killer  buy on itunes
(EVP Voice)  "We Are Eagles"  buy on itunes
Chris Pennie  YMCA or TCBY?  buy on itunes
Celtic Frost  Tears In A Prophet's Dream  buy on itunes


This is another "clearing out my music collection mix" (albeit I don't really hate any of this music, save for the Nekromantix), among other things. In part, I've been reduced to making mixes on CDs for a little bit because, in an attempt to add Kraftwerk's "Autobahn" (the original twenty-something-minute track) to the unfinished and self-explanatory mix Eulogy To Kraftwerk and My Stereo, I broke the "record" button on my stereo for good and had to toss it. Seeing as I only have a cheap-ass Radioshack tape recorder to substitute and I can't hear a thing I record on it (as it's recording, anyway), this is the only other option left. Another factor in this mix is I recently recieved some music from my girlfriend and even more metal from one of my bandmates, both of which comprise a great deal of this mix. The biggest catalyst for this work is my recent acquiring of The Ghost Orchid, an EVP compilation (basically a collection of actual ghost recordings) CD that I've been searching for for upwards of five years. The mix title comes from a term Thomas Edison used for those that responded during EVP recordings.


Date: 3/25/2008
I really am not qualified to comment on this, but you deserve something for a good effort.

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