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CD | Theme - Break Up
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CD | Theme - Depression

Fry's Greatest Holophonor Hits

Artist Song Buy
Katrina and the Waves  Walkin' on Sunshine  buy on itunes
Conga  Gloria Estefan  buy on itunes
I've Got a Tan  The Four Postmen  buy on itunes
Atlantis  Donovan  buy on itunes
30th Century Man  Scott Walker  buy on itunes
Tom Sawyer  Rush  buy on itunes
Baby Love Child  Pizzicato Five  buy on itunes
I Will Wait for You  Mary Carewe  buy on itunes
Super Disco Breakin'  Beastie Boys  buy on itunes
You're the Best  Joe "Bean" Esposito  buy on itunes
Devil's Haircut  Beck  buy on itunes
Sunshine of Your Love  Cream  buy on itunes
Don't You (Forget About Me)  Simple Minds  buy on itunes


Songs featured in the show Futurama.

"I've Got a Tan" appears in instrumental form only as Slurms McKenzie's party music.

The version of "30th Century Man" used is the Jigsaw Seen's cover, not the Scott Walker original.

The version of "I Will Wait for You" used is sung by Connie Francis. I have had extreme difficulties finding that particular (superior) version of the song--if you have it, PLEASE tell me.

"Devil's Haircut" is referenced in the show but is not one of the Beck songs actually used.

There aren't any of the original songs from the series because they have been extremely hard for me to find.


Essex Dog
Date: 4/13/2008
Very cool idea! "My Broken Robot Friend" might've been a better Beck pick, though ;D

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