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Wind, Waves & Rain

Artist Song Buy
AmpLive  Rainy Dayz   buy on itunes
Iggy Pop  Tiny Girl  buy on itunes
David Bowie  Neukoln(sic)  buy on itunes
Burial  Night Bus  buy on itunes
Morrissey  Life Is A Pigsty  buy on itunes
Roxy Music  Song For Europe  buy on itunes
Echo & The Bunnymen  Bluer Skies  buy on itunes
Xela  Wet Bones  buy on itunes
Johnny Depp, Gary Farmer & Neil Young  Excerpt from the Dead Man O.S.T  buy on itunes
The Doors  Riders On The Storm  buy on itunes
Burial  Untitled  buy on itunes
Massive Attack  Karmacoma (Portishead rmx)  buy on itunes
Burial  Wounder  buy on itunes
Burial  Unite  buy on itunes
The Creatures  2nd Floor (Vito Bonito rmx)  buy on itunes
The Streets  Blinded By The Lights  buy on itunes
Cyrus  Paradise Dub  buy on itunes
Thom Yorke  And It Rained All Night (Burial rmx)  buy on itunes
Velvet Underground  The Ocean  buy on itunes
Neil Young  Except from Dead Man  buy on itunes
Isobel Campbell & Mark Lanegan  Ballad Of The Broken Seas  buy on itunes


One to listen to at a bus stop on the beach in the rain...


Darth Pazuzu
Date: 4/14/2008
This really looks quite cool. I've actually only heard a couple of songs from this, including the Doors' Riders On The Storm and the Velvet Underground's The Ocean, but I can tell from the names on this list (Mark Lanegan, Thom Yorke, Neil, Iggy, Bowie) that you've got really good taste! :-)
Date: 4/14/2008
Dead Man is one of my favorite movies, so I'm looking forward to this!
Date: 4/15/2008
I've been loving the new Burial CD, so this mix intrigued me right away. It'll be sunny the next few days and I'm far from the beach but I'll be listening anyway.
Date: 4/16/2008
In Wales? Great mix.
Date: 4/16/2008
Date: 4/18/2008
I have just about come to terms with the concept of "a bus stop on the beach". Therefore, I am now in a position to say that this mix is rather super. Furthermore, it has Song For Europe on it -- now that's quality right there! Let's hope that bus never shows...
Date: 4/19/2008
Caught this just before it dropped off the boards, phew. Great Stuff. 2/3 5-7 & 18-24 are the ones for me...
Date: 7/25/2008
Okay...I obviously suck, cause I didn't see this one either. Oh, the humanity!!!!

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