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MP3 Playlist | Mixed Genre
MP3 Playlist | Mixed Genre

(Sesame) Street Creds

Artist Song Buy
The Argument  Everyone's Selling Something  buy on itunes
Beulah  Silver Lining  buy on itunes
Cake  War Pigs [Sabbath]  buy on itunes
Elvis Costello & the Attractions  Watching the Detectives  buy on itunes
Ben Folds  Not the Same  buy on itunes
Gorillaz  Clint Eastwood  buy on itunes
Harvey Danger  Cream and Bastards Rise  buy on itunes
Iggy and the Stooges  1969  buy on itunes
Elton John  Pinball Wizard [the Who]  buy on itunes
Ben Kweller  This Is War  buy on itunes
Little Nell  Beauty Queen  buy on itunes
Madness  Night Boat to Cairo  buy on itunes
Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds  There She Goes, My Beautiful World  buy on itunes
The Old Ceremony  Radio Religion  buy on itunes
The Police  King of Pain  buy on itunes
The Queers  I Wanna Be Happy  buy on itunes
The Ramones  The KKK Took My Baby Away  buy on itunes
Elliott Smith  Junk Bond Trader  buy on itunes
They Might Be Giants  Man It's So Loud in Here  buy on itunes
Velvet Underground  After Hours  buy on itunes
Weezer  Holiday  buy on itunes
The Zombies  Care of Cell 44  buy on itunes


Another theme mix for my rad girlfriend. This one makes me look a lot better in the eyes of my peers but was just as challenging as the last. This mix is in alphabetical order, skipping a few letters because of time limitations. Bands go by first letter, artists go by last name, bands led by single artists go by first letter (using Herr Costello as the example).

As for left field bands, the Argument is a now defunct power pop band from WV, and the Old Ceremony is a noir pop band from NC that contains a few Folds collaborators. Little Nell is in fact THAT Little Nell, and yes, that Beulah song is the one from the computer commercial. I dug it long before, but it seriously makes me happy when my favorite bands are getting a lil extra cash monies.


Date: 4/17/2008
Hilarious to see Little Nell on here. I shall have to check out this Argument lot. How about Dressy Bessy, Undertones, X and Yo La Tengo for your missing letters?
Date: 4/17/2008
4,20,and 22 are highlights for me.
lipstick vogue
Date: 4/17/2008
I had the entire alphabet, but it didn't fit on an 80 minute CD-R, sadly.
Date: 4/17/2008
I like the Nick Cave and VU most here, but enjoy some of the others as well.
avocado rabbit
Date: 4/19/2008
I haven't heard anything about the alphabet since "A You're Adorable" but this looks to have some intersting tracks.
Date: 4/22/2008
Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! (Hey how ya doin'? Great mix!) Yes! Yes! Yes! Oh yeah!

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