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Overdramatic Songs In Very Low Voices

Artist Song Buy
Splodge  Overdramatic Songs (In Very Low Voices)  buy on itunes
Fischer Z  No Right  buy on itunes
The Kings  Amazon Beach  buy on itunes
The Titanics  High On Drugs  buy on itunes
Wall Of Voodoo  Wrong Way To Hollywood  buy on itunes
The Passion Fodder  Mt. St. Helens  buy on itunes
Evan Johns & The H-Bombs  Evacuation  buy on itunes
The Turbines  Wah-Hey  buy on itunes
Charles De Goal  Retour Au Dancing  buy on itunes
The A-Bones  Mumbo Jumbo  buy on itunes
Shriekback  My Spine Is The Bassline  buy on itunes
The Humans  Lightning  buy on itunes
The Scars  The Lady In The Car With Glasses On And A Gun  buy on itunes
The Pop 'o Pies  World ' O Morons  buy on itunes
Dramarama  Hitchhiking  buy on itunes
The Dragsters  Tractor Pull  buy on itunes
The Gus Cordovox Quartet  Trashpickin'  buy on itunes
The Colorblind James Experience  Dance Critters  buy on itunes
The Splatcats  Surfin' Hearse  buy on itunes
Bruce Baum w/ Little Roger & The Goosebumps  Marty Feldman Eyes  buy on itunes


An eighties compilation.


Date: 4/19/2008
thank you so much -love the shriekback tune - had the first pop ' pies record and smashed it against the wall 25 years ago in a drug and alcohol fueled frenzy - god almighty was i an idiot when i was young - everything else looks great too.
Date: 4/20/2008
As I commented similarly to Darth Pazuzu on one of his '80s submissions: this kind of mix shows that so much '80s music was actually better than most people think. Thanks for bringing up these good melodies/memories.
avocado rabbit
Date: 4/20/2008
The 80s were a strange decade for music and most of this stuff is off my radar. But I'll listen thanks to the link.

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