time is like a train, and our love is just the same!

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whispertown 2000  through a hole  buy on itunes
tegan and sara  back in your head  buy on itunes
modest mouse  paper thin walls  buy on itunes
erin mckeown  we are more  buy on itunes
death cab for cutie  the sound of settling  buy on itunes
camille  ta douleur  buy on itunes
vienna teng  1 br / 1 ba  buy on itunes
the wood brothers  one more day  buy on itunes
mary lou lord  shake sugaree  buy on itunes
cake  stickshifts and safetybelts  buy on itunes
the be good tanyas  light enough to travel  buy on itunes
brenda weiler  sun ray  buy on itunes
the nields  this town is wrong  buy on itunes
ryan adams  to be young (is to be sad, is to be high)  buy on itunes
lucinda williams  can't let go  buy on itunes
john butler trio  zebra  buy on itunes
indigo girls  get out the map  buy on itunes
bedouin soundclash  santa monica  buy on itunes
mirah  pollen  buy on itunes
brandi carlile  closer to you  buy on itunes
the waifs  lighthouse  buy on itunes
van morrison  dancing in the moonlight  buy on itunes


"time is like a train and our love is just the same, it's gonna go if we don't keep on running...."

title from the whispertown 2000 track.

yet another "the sun on the magnolia tree just outside my window makes me happier than i ever remember being" type of mix.. for a wonderful friend that i've been promising a mix for ages, but have never been able to get the nerve to compile one for (she's just THAT cool.) this one is much less spring sigh-ing, and more spring sprinting tipsily through fields.
also i've just sewn a patchwork rainbow two-cd holder for the two spring mixes... hopefully she'll enjoy them!


Date: 4/25/2008
if everything else is as good as shake sugaree and can't let go this is something special.

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