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Dear Rachel,/Love, Heather

Side A
Artist Song Buy
Part One  Dear Rachel,  buy on itunes
Belaire  Back Into the Wall  buy on itunes
The Incredible Moses Leroy  Everybody's Getting Down  buy on itunes
Tally Hall  Smile Like You Mean It (Killers cover)  buy on itunes
CommuniquT  Annabelle  buy on itunes
Casiotone for the Painfully Alone  New Year's Kiss  buy on itunes
Au Revoir Simone  Where You Go  buy on itunes
Maria Taylor  Irish Goodbye  buy on itunes
Voxtrot  New Love  buy on itunes
Azure Ray  If You Fall  buy on itunes
She & Him  I Thought I Saw Your Face Today  buy on itunes
St. Vincent  All My Stars Aligned  buy on itunes
Arrah and the Ferns  Apple for Evan  buy on itunes
Mates of State  I Know, and I Said Forget It  buy on itunes
Rasputina  If Your Kisses Can't Hold the Man You Love  buy on itunes
Jacques Dutronc  Et Moi, Et Moi, Et Moi  buy on itunes
Wilco  I'm Always In Love  buy on itunes
LoveLikeFire  I Will  buy on itunes
Side B
Part Two  Love, Heather  buy on itunes
Jonathan Richman  Not So Much To Be Loved As To Love  buy on itunes
Wilco  Nothing'severgonnastandinmyway (Again)  buy on itunes
The Eames Era  I Don't Mind  buy on itunes
Belaire  Step Step Step  buy on itunes
Minipop  Someone To Love  buy on itunes
The 88  All 'Cause Of You  buy on itunes
Radiohead  Thinking About You  buy on itunes
Rasputina  Wish You Were Here (Pink Floyd cover)  buy on itunes
The Microphones  I Felt Your Shape  buy on itunes
The Blow  Knowing the Things That I Know  buy on itunes
Best Friends Forever  24  buy on itunes
Jennifer Westfeldt  A Little Bit In Love (from the 2003 revival soundtrack of Wonderful Town)  buy on itunes
Andrew Bird  Tables and Chairs  buy on itunes
Magic Bullets  Will Scarlet  buy on itunes
Rhett Miller  Your Nervous Heart  buy on itunes
Jaymay  Ill Willed Person  buy on itunes
Montag  Going Places  buy on itunes


A double mix I made for one of my best friends when she was having a bad day. It's really pretty perfect for us.


Date: 5/2/2008
two great rasputina tunes.
Date: 5/3/2008
Ah, yes, what a pleasant surprise that is.
Date: 5/5/2008
Like the Maria Taylor cut. I saw her last year in Asheville and it was a good show.
girl please
Date: 5/5/2008
There is so much on here that I love. She & Him, St. Vincent and Arrah & The Ferns in row is pretty much straight out of my iTunes.
Also, much love for The Blow.
Date: 5/6/2008 too!

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