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hey! watch your elbow!

Artist Song Buy
doves  darker  buy on itunes
embassy  it never entered my mind  buy on itunes
ed harcourt  let love not weigh me down  buy on itunes
geneva  no one speaks  buy on itunes
leaves  catch  buy on itunes
they go boom!  candy  buy on itunes
magnet  on your side  buy on itunes
mull historical society  treescavengers  buy on itunes
teenage fanclub  starsign (acoustic)  buy on itunes
my bloody valentine  cupid come  buy on itunes
doves  here it comes  buy on itunes
super furry animals  its not the end of the world  buy on itunes
travis  turn  buy on itunes
elevator drops  snow  buy on itunes


i made this for my boyfriend's friend who mentioned he liked the band elbow once when they were camping in the woods :)

click here to download this mix! link expires may 20 2008
image for mix


Date: 5/13/2008
Crikey, I've not heard that fab Geneva song in a long tme. This is a lovely mix - thanks for the DL. Oh, and I've never heard an acoustic version of Star Sign, so I'll look forward to that...
Date: 5/14/2008
a new jaime b mix!!!

banjo-infused teenage fanclub!!!

they go boom!!!

not many things get an exclamation point out of me, but all three of those do!

Date: 5/15/2008
Always great to see your mixes here, movie star. And a download link, no less. You rock!!!! Great cover too. Has someone been getting into Photoshop?
jaime b
Date: 5/15/2008
HAHAHA yes! actually that's illustrator :)

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