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T. Rexstatic

Side A
Artist Song Buy
Teenage Fanclub  Metal Baby  buy on itunes
T. Rex  Metal Guru  buy on itunes
10cc  Donna  buy on itunes
Al Green  L.O.V.E.  buy on itunes
The Troggs  Love Is All Around  buy on itunes
The Magic Numbers  Love Me Like You  buy on itunes
The Cult  She Sells Sanctuary  buy on itunes
Love  She Comes In Colors  buy on itunes
Deep Purple  Hush  buy on itunes
Thin Lizzy  Do Anything You Want To  buy on itunes
Copeland  Control Freak  buy on itunes
Adam Ant  Goody Two Shoes  buy on itunes
Quiet Riot  Cum On Feel The Noize  buy on itunes
AC/DC  You Shook Me All Night Long  buy on itunes
Aerosmith  Mama Kin  buy on itunes
T. Rex  Telegram Sam  buy on itunes
John Eddie  Jungle Boy  buy on itunes
Redd Kross  Peach Kelli Pop  buy on itunes
Eagles of Death Metal  Cherry Cola  buy on itunes
The Clash  Lost In The Supermarket  buy on itunes
Big Star  O My Soul  buy on itunes
Side B
T. Rex  Teenage Dream  buy on itunes
Nicklebag  Hots On For Nowhere  buy on itunes
The Jam  In The City  buy on itunes
Foghat  Fool For The City  buy on itunes
New York Dolls  Subway Train  buy on itunes
The Cars  Let's Go  buy on itunes
Blink-182  The Rock Show  buy on itunes
Blondie  One Way Or Another  buy on itunes
The Grass Roots  Sooner Or Later  buy on itunes
Electric Light Orchestra  Do Ya  buy on itunes
Journey  Can Do  buy on itunes
The Proclaimers  I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles)  buy on itunes
The Ramones  I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend  buy on itunes
The Ohio Express  Sweeter Than Sugar  buy on itunes
The Jesus & Mary Chain  Just Like Honey  buy on itunes
Lloyd Cole & the Commotions  Perfect Skin  buy on itunes
Supergrass  Grace  buy on itunes
INXS  Disappear  buy on itunes
Squeeze  If I Didn't Love You  buy on itunes
The Charlatans UK  A Man Needs To Be Told  buy on itunes
Del Amitri  Always The Last To Know  buy on itunes
Sloan  Underwhelmed  buy on itunes


When I was a teenager, back in the Stone Age, I thought T. Rex was IT!!! Lots of my peers said the band would not have any long-lasting impact, but here in the 21st century, much to my delight, T. Rex tunes are still playing and many artists cite the band and/or Marc Bolan as influences.
This mix was inspired by interaction with Pandora.com while it was still available to me overseas. No longer. Sigh.


Date: 5/25/2008
Love T. Rex, love the wide selection of good songs here. It's wonderful to see "Lost In The Supermarket" on here!
I, too, am missing having access to Pandora here in Europe. Good thing there are other forms of sonic shamanism (like this site, for instance) around to help us through the grieving process.
avocado rabbit
Date: 5/25/2008
Some definite favorites on here, like Lloyd Cole, The Proclaimers and Del Amitiri for starters. Looks intriguing.
Date: 5/25/2008
Looks like some nice rocking from top to bottom.Bummer on the Pandora restrictions for you guys.
Date: 5/26/2008
A Man Needs To Be Told just how good this mix is. And it really is. The Ramones - S'Grass run on Side 2 being a favourite. O My Soul is a belter too..
Funky Ratchet
Date: 5/27/2008
I love this...Teenage Fanclub, Magic Numbers, Love, Redd Kross, EoDM, The Clash, Big Star...and that's just side one.
Darth Pazuzu
Date: 5/28/2008
I must say that I don't know absolutely everything here, but this is still my kind of mix! A really nice mix of all things punk, glam, new wave and classic rock. And very hip without being elitist. Mucho kudos! :-)

My favorites here include She Sells Sanctuary, Hush, Do Anything You Want To, You Shook Me All Night Long, Mama Kin, Lost In The Supermarket, In The City, Subway Train, Let's Go, One Way Or Another, and Do Ya!
French Connection
Date: 5/28/2008
Nice one, especially like side 2
Date: 7/2/2008
Neat stuff, to be sure, I'd throw in some Smashing Pumpkins, Love & Rockets and Spacehog, my faves of the current glammers.
Date: 7/11/2008
Thank you for the CDs, fantastic!
Date: 8/5/2008
Awesome idea and tons of great picks. I would also agree that T. Rex is it.
Date: 1/31/2009
lots of good choices

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