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Wumpscut  Soylent Green  buy on itunes
Throbbing Gristle  Dead Souls  buy on itunes
Death In June  To Drown A Rose  buy on itunes
Skinny Puppy  Tin Omen  buy on itunes
Swans  Coward  buy on itunes
Nurse With Wound  Head Cold  buy on itunes
12 Rounds  Joyous  buy on itunes
Current 93  All the Stars Are Dead Now  buy on itunes
Black Tape For A Blue Girl  The Scar of A Poet  buy on itunes
Velvet Acid Christ  Pretty Toy  buy on itunes
Cocteau Twins  Shallow Then Halo  buy on itunes
Xiu Xiu  Sad Pony Guerrilla Girl  buy on itunes
Nurse With Wound  Dream of A Butterfly Inside the Skull of A Horse  buy on itunes
Queen Adreena  My Silent Undoing  buy on itunes
Wolf Eyes  Stabbed In the Face  buy on itunes
Nurse With Wound  I Am the Poison  buy on itunes
The Captains Intangible  Any Other Way  buy on itunes


Noise/industrial, mostly. Nothing too special.


Date: 5/30/2008
For a short while I ventured into the industrial musical landscape and had a few experiences with Nurse With Wound, Current 93 and T.Gristle. My ears still hurt occasionally.
Executive Slacks
Date: 5/30/2008
Black Tape for a Blue Girl and Queen Adreena, nice.

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