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Cassette | Alternative - Indie Rock
Cassette | Theme - Alternating DJ

The Ride Was Short but My Thoughts Were Long

Side A
Artist Song Buy
The Dentists  In Orbit  buy on itunes
The Associates  Would I ... Bounce Back  buy on itunes
Algebra Suicide  Tender Red Net  buy on itunes
Bethany Curve  Spacirelei  buy on itunes
The Pica Beats  Right with the Down Crowd  buy on itunes
Soccer Team  Traffic Patterns  buy on itunes
Belly  Feed the Tree  buy on itunes
Joanna Newsom  The Book of Right-on  buy on itunes
Pale Young Gentlemen  Fraulein  buy on itunes
Brakes  Sometimes Always (feat. The Pipettes)  buy on itunes
The Helio Sequence  Shed Your Love  buy on itunes
Side B
Messer Chups  Sentimental Bass  buy on itunes
Blur  Out of Time  buy on itunes
The Happy Couple  French Cinema Summer Love  buy on itunes
Outrageous Cherry  What Have You Invented Today?  buy on itunes
Five Go Down To The Sea?  Elephants for Fun and Profit  buy on itunes
The Gay  Robert Smith  buy on itunes
Jakokoyak  Eira  buy on itunes
The King of Luxembourg  Valleri  buy on itunes
Decoration  Intercom  buy on itunes
The Indelicates  Sixteen (Single Version)  buy on itunes
The Dresden Dolls  The Jeep Song  buy on itunes
Fruit Bats  Black Bells (Make Me OK)  buy on itunes
Robyn Hitchcock  Nothing  buy on itunes
The Sundays  My Finest Hour  buy on itunes


Ninety minutes, one-line interlude from the Scott Shina/Jeff Woodman audiobook recording of Jonathan Safran Foer's "Everything is Illuminated" between Fruit Bats and Robyn Hitchcock: "We must go backward in order to go forward.", also in reference to Hitchcock's 2007 box set release "I Wanna Go Backwards". The single least depressing tape I have ever recorded and also featuring my favourite b-side of all time (approximately). For Alia612. Title from the Helio Sequence song.


Date: 6/4/2008
Looks like an excellent old school twee-ish mix tape! Would love to hear that Happy Couple song. It's not on the CD single I have :(

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