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Fear & Loathing In Suburbia

Artist Song Buy
Sleepytime Gorilla Museum  (Tonight We're Gonna Party Like It's) 1997  buy on itunes
Pink Floyd  In The Flesh Pt. 2  buy on itunes
Demented Are Go  Love Seeps Like A Festering Sore  buy on itunes
Hanzel Und Gretyl  SS Deathstar Supergalactik  buy on itunes
The Smashing Pumpkins  Bodies  buy on itunes
Snog  Planet of Shit  buy on itunes
Mindless Self Indulgence  Kill The Rock  buy on itunes
Queens of the Stone Age  Sick Sick Sick  buy on itunes
Scissorfight  Blizzards, Buzzards, & Bastards  buy on itunes
Melt Banana  We Will Rock You  buy on itunes
Ministry  Jesus Built My Hotrod  buy on itunes
The Stooges  Open Up & Bleed  buy on itunes
The Blood Brothers  Live at the Apocalypse Cabaret  buy on itunes


Music to hate the fact that you live in a house with a white picket fence to. This was made during either the last week of January or the first week of February; I can't remember which.


Date: 6/5/2008
Every white suburban teenage boy's angst in one package.
Date: 6/5/2008
jesus built my hotrod!
Date: 6/6/2008
I wish I lived in a house and if you have a white picket fence you can always knock it down if you don't like it. The terror of suburbia is overplayed, it's merely mildew slowly gathering upon the flesh.
Date: 6/6/2008
I see where you're going with it, probably a little too American for Rupert. The Stooges are my highlight.

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