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Soundtrack for a night of trashing rose bushes

Artist Song Buy
The Doors  People Are Strange  buy on itunes
The Coasters  Down in Mexico  buy on itunes
Led Zeppelin  Rock and Roll  buy on itunes
The White Stripes  Blue Orchid  buy on itunes
The Darkness  Get Your Hands Off My Woman  buy on itunes
Dio  Rainbow in the Dark  buy on itunes
Billy Idol  White Wedding  buy on itunes
Franz Ferdinand  Michael  buy on itunes
Stephen Malkmus  Baby C'mon  buy on itunes
Men Without Hats  The Safety Dance  buy on itunes
Soft Cell  Tainted Love  buy on itunes
Blondie  Hanging on the Telephone  buy on itunes
Hanson  Madeline [live]  buy on itunes
Regina Spektor  Sailor's Song  buy on itunes
Scissor Sisters  Filthy/Gorgeous  buy on itunes
Queen  Killer Queen  buy on itunes
Bob Dylan  Stuck Inside of Mobile With the Memphis Blues Again  buy on itunes
Johnny Cash  Folsom Prison Blues [live]  buy on itunes
Mott the Hoople  All the Young Dudes  buy on itunes
Amy Winehouse  Rehab  buy on itunes
Fiona Apple  Criminal  buy on itunes
The Beatles  Come Together  buy on itunes


Bo and I were talking about making a mix for the weekend and gave me the inspiration for this. Most of the songs were dedicated to specific people, to highlight a memory I share with them. (For instance, during a past session of hanging out, I introduced my friend Eric to the Scissor Sisters by way of "Filthy/Gorgeous", and I knew he'd get a kick out of hearing it again.) I met a new friend that night, and coincidentally, he loves Fiona Apple ("Criminal" was one of the songs that I didn't have a person in mind for).

The only thing that I didn't like about this mix was that I had "White Orchid" in my head all night and again when I woke up in the morning.

The title comes from a stunt that the Fiona Apple guy performed: a cartwheel across the yard before careening into a rose bush. Ouch.

All in all, it was a fun mix for a long night of partyin'.

(Oh, and Bo specifically requested the Hanson song. Turns out the Fiona Apple guy loves Hanson even more.)


Media Vixen: Radio Sally
Date: 6/14/2008
A really really great idea for a mix.

Date: 6/14/2008
we can dance if we want to . . . . . !
Date: 6/14/2008
Excellent mix from top to bottom, really top-notch choices.
p the swede
Date: 6/14/2008
great idea

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