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Political Songs For Michael Stipe To Sing: A Firehose/Minutemen Sampler

Artist Song Buy
Firehose  Sometimes  buy on itunes
Firehose  Chemical Wire  buy on itunes
Minutemen  My Heart And The Real World  buy on itunes
Firehose  Brave Captain  buy on itunes
Minutemen  I Felt Like A Gringo  buy on itunes
Firehose  Slack Motherf*cker (live)  buy on itunes
Minutemen  Cut  buy on itunes
Firehose  Honey, Please  buy on itunes
Minutemen  #1 Hit Song  buy on itunes
Firehose  Riddle Of The Eighties  buy on itunes
Minutemen  Fortunate Son  buy on itunes
Firehose  For The Singer Of R.E.M.  buy on itunes
Minutemen  Tour-Spiel  buy on itunes
Firehose  Under The Influence Of Meat Puppets  buy on itunes
Minutemen  Corona  buy on itunes
Firehose  Making The Freeway  buy on itunes
Minutemen  Political Song For Michael Jackson To Sing  buy on itunes
Firehose  Locked-In  buy on itunes
Firehose  Mannequin (live)  buy on itunes
Minutemen  History Lesson, Part II  buy on itunes
Firehose  Herded Into Pools  buy on itunes
Minutemen  Themselves  buy on itunes
Firehose  Choose Any Memory  buy on itunes
Minutemen  The Product  buy on itunes
Firehose  Caroms  buy on itunes
Minutemen  This Ain't No Picnic  buy on itunes
Firehose  Relatin' Dudest To Jazz  buy on itunes
Minutemen  Search  buy on itunes
Firehose  Time With You  buy on itunes
31. Firehose
32. Minutemen 
Take Our Test
Hear Me
Have You Ever Seen The Rain? 
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This is another one of those clearing-some-old-cd's-off-the-shelves mixes, pulling all I need from these two bands together so I can box up a bunch of discs I all-but-never reach for these days. Still, considering the lion's share of this comes from 3 cd's, with a smattering of tunes from others, it came out quite nicely, and reminded me why I liked these bands so much back in the day.
I know it's sacrilege in these here parts, but I was never hugely into the Minutemen. Sure, they had the best rhythm section in indie rock, and a primo lyricist in the late D. Boon, but however innovative they may have been, they rarely captivated me. The sole exception, of course, is the timeless Double Nickels On The Dime, a stunning album I probably reach for once every year or two and continue to be blown away. Most of the Minutemen tracks here come from that opus, with a couple tracks from before and after. (For a true Minutemen mix, check out Rob Conroy's thorough compilation.)
After Boon's tragic death, I know a lot of fans were put off when Watt/Hurley regrouped with a new singer as Firehose. Yet, personally, I thought those first two Firehose albums stood out as among the better albums in those post-R.E.M./pre-Pavement wilderness years of late 80's indie rock. Yeah, it was still all about that rhythm section, but Ed From Ohio wrote some great hooks of his own, taking the band in a new, more poppy direction while retaining a surprising amount of that Minutemen innovation. Each of those albums had easily a half-dozen tracks that hold up today as lost classics. Sadly, the band dropped off in quality after that, and I pretty much lost interest, though for reasons I can't explain, Watt's "Herded Into Pools" from the band's 5th and final album remains one of my favorite tracks of the 90's. Great sound, and a chorus to die for.
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Date: 6/15/2008
Two stunning bands. I played that first Firehose LP to death and I've helped Kathryn to discover it. Love Double Nickels too. Great stuff.
Captain Hi-Top
Date: 6/15/2008
It's funny, I just stumbled onto a great site loaded with MP3's and full concerts from various Mike Watt projects. Corndog.org. (really).
Captain Hi-Top
Date: 6/15/2008
Corndogs.org----with and "s". Sorry.
Date: 6/15/2008
I am blindly proud of my lack of indie cred.
Date: 6/15/2008
great mix, great bands.
Rob Conroy
Date: 6/16/2008
Not sure what to say, except thanks for the nod. The Minutemen were/are one of those life-chaning/mind-altering bands for me--I really cannot say enough about the influence they've had on my thinking and musical taste. fIREHOSE--at least for two and a half records plus the live e.p.--were also pretty great, but to me were not in the same universe. That's about it.
anthony lombardi
Date: 6/16/2008
really like the minutemen a whole bunch, but never got into firehouse - this looks like it'd be a perfect introduction, mixing up some old minutemen favorites to help connect the dots - looks cool
Date: 6/16/2008
This indeed does look like the perfect introduction to someone who doesn't own any Minutemen or Firehose records (that would be me, btw). Nice work.

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