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CD | Mixed Genre
CD | Mixed Genre
CD | Mixed Genre
CD | Theme - Road Trip
CD | Theme - Break Up

Dancing In A Dioxin Dump

Artist Song Buy
Daniel Johnston  I Am A Baby (In My Universe)  buy on itunes
Devo  Wiggly World  buy on itunes
LiLiPUT  Split  buy on itunes
The Dead Milkmen  Nitro Burning Funny Cars  buy on itunes
Erase Errata  Other Animals Are #1  buy on itunes
Matt & Kim  No More Long Years  buy on itunes
Br. Danielson  Animal In Every Corner  buy on itunes
Greenthink  Purple Serves Dose&Why?  buy on itunes
Dan Deacon  Wham City  buy on itunes
A Hawk And A Hacksaw  God Bless The Ottoman Empire  buy on itunes
Ten In The Swear Jar  San Jose Fight Song  buy on itunes
Atom & His Package  Pumping Iron For Enya  buy on itunes
!!!  Pardon My Freedom  buy on itunes
Ultra  No Face  buy on itunes
Public Enemy  Black Steel In The Hour Of Chaos  buy on itunes
The Buzzcocks  Why Can't I Touch It?  buy on itunes
Les Savy Fav  What Would Wolves Do?  buy on itunes
Yeah Yeah Yeahs  10 X 10  buy on itunes
Daniel Johnston  Go  buy on itunes


for Campo. One part a cheer-up mix for someone who got dumped and one part an excuse to use to my new laptop. Long ass tracks like "Wham City" limited the number of songs but you can't always keep it punk. Title Track: "Nitro Burning Funny Cars"
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