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MP3 Playlist | Alternative - Indie Rock
MP3 Playlist | Alternative - Indie Rock
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girls and guitars

Artist Song Buy
cub  new york city  buy on itunes
sleater-kinney  dance song '97  buy on itunes
all girl summer fun band  grass skirt  buy on itunes
babes in toyland  bruise violet  buy on itunes
team dresch  freewheel  buy on itunes
julie doiron and the wooden stars  gone gone  buy on itunes
tiger trap  words & smiles  buy on itunes
jenny toomey  patsy cline  buy on itunes
julie ruin  my morning is summer  buy on itunes
mirah  words cannot describe  buy on itunes
bettie serveert  tom boy  buy on itunes
bratmobile  cool schmool  buy on itunes
sarah harmer  coffee stain  buy on itunes
tullycraft  pop songs your new boyfri*nd's too stupid to know about  buy on itunes
the butchies  trouble  buy on itunes
le tigre  hot topic  buy on itunes
dressy bessy  just once more  buy on itunes
lois  transatlantic telephone call  buy on itunes
sarah dougher  take it to the limit  buy on itunes
kathryn williams  swimmer  buy on itunes
cadallaca  june -n- july  buy on itunes
all girl summer fun band  video game heart  buy on itunes
the softies  favorite shade of blue  buy on itunes
veda hille  15 years  buy on itunes
team dresch  screwing yer courage  buy on itunes


girl bands to keep me awake at work.


Date: 8/15/2008
And there is a link to this where?!?!? Looks promising!
Date: 8/16/2008
I'm with ldpaulson, I'd quite like to hear this as well. Any chance of a link? And you might like to know you've inspired me to buy the 3 Tullycraft albums I don't have yet.
spunk these
Date: 8/16/2008
Mmmmm looks (sounds) great!
Date: 8/16/2008
Love it.
Date: 8/19/2008
Some real beauties here. The Softies, All Girl Summer Fun Band, Dressy Bessy, Bratmobile and everybody should own that Tullycraft song.

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