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Kirlian Photobooth

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Kirlian Photobooth, 99MB, 72:12
- Dr. Dog 
"The Girl" (3:29)   buy on itunes
- Mission of Burma  "Dirt" (3:47)  buy on itunes
- Modey Lemon  "Enemy" (3:35)  buy on itunes
- Guided by Voices  "Everywhere with Helicopter" (2:36)  buy on itunes
- The Lyres  "I Want to Help You, Ann" (2:31)  buy on itunes
- The Konks  "King Kong" (2:15)  buy on itunes
- Tropical Fish  "Captain Man", pt. 1 (2:26)  buy on itunes
- Thee Milkshakes  "Seven Days" (1:49)  buy on itunes
- Yura Yura Teikoku  "Grapefruit Choudai" (3:26)  buy on itunes
- The Electric Prunes  "Shadows" (2:23)  buy on itunes
- Les Fleur-de-Lys  "Gong with the Luminous Nose" (2:37)  buy on itunes
- 13th Floor Elevators  "You're Gonna Miss Me" (2:29)  buy on itunes
- Wooden Shjips  "We Ask You to Ride" (4:54)  buy on itunes
- Asobi Seksu  "Happy" (3:08)  buy on itunes
- Mogwai  "Mogwai Fear Satan" (16:19)  buy on itunes
- A Sunny Day in Glasgow  "Ghost in the Graveyard" (5:59)  buy on itunes
- Swirlies  "Pancake" (3:16)  buy on itunes
- Negativland  "Time Zones" (5:27)  buy on itunes


Starts with that Matadory grungy sound, then garage, then more shoegazey. A pretty mixtapey mix but oh well.
If you download this, you'll have to remove the hyphen from "se-ndspace" in your address bar.


bufo alvarius
Date: 8/23/2008
Hey, this is a pretty fucking ki11er mix, man. Modey Lemon->Lyres is pure classik and then you've got that stretch from 11->17 that brings the psych/shoegaze jams in spades. Very cool.
Date: 8/23/2008
Old and new, domestic and foreign, psychedelic and poppy: you've got it all covered here.
anthony lombardi
Date: 8/24/2008
i'm with shawn: kil ler mix

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