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MP3 Playlist | Alternative - Indie Rock
MP3 Playlist | Alternative - Indie Rock
MP3 Playlist | Alternative - Indie Rock
CD | Alternative - College Rock

autumnal I

Side A
Artist Song Buy
p:ano  all of november, most of october  buy on itunes
broadcast  unchanging window/chord simple  buy on itunes
wilco  kamera  buy on itunes
elliott smith  waltz #2 (xo)  buy on itunes
nick drake  time of no reply  buy on itunes
ida  georgia  buy on itunes
the weakerthans  pamphleteer  buy on itunes
simon and garfunkel  bookends  buy on itunes
Side B
beth orton  stars all seem to weep  buy on itunes
radiohead  i will  buy on itunes
ed harcourt  wind through the trees  buy on itunes
belle and sebastian  marx and engels  buy on itunes
silverchair  after all these years  buy on itunes
yann tiersen  amelie theme (piano version)  buy on itunes
the manic street preachers  raindrops keep falling on my head  buy on itunes


a mix from a friend long ago, before things got complicated.


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