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ear worms

Artist Song Buy
Bryan Ferry  Don't Stop The Dance  buy on itunes
Steve Miller Band  Steve Miller's Midnight Tango  buy on itunes
The Verve  Bittersweet Symphony  buy on itunes
Lorna Lee  La Lune FoncTe  buy on itunes
Danny O'Keefe  Magdalena  buy on itunes
The Allman Brothers Band  Melissa  buy on itunes
Al Di Meola  Lady of Rome, Sister of Brazil  buy on itunes
The La's  There She Goes  buy on itunes
Dori Caymmi  The Colors of Joy  buy on itunes
The Style Council  My Ever Changing Moods (acoustic version)  buy on itunes
The Kinks  Celluloid Heroes  buy on itunes
LSK  Roots (The Fruit of Many)  buy on itunes
Marvin Gaye  What's Going On  buy on itunes
Joni Mitchell  Cold Blue Steel and Sweet Fire  buy on itunes
Placebo  Running Up That Hill (Kate Bush cover)  buy on itunes
!!! (chk chk chk)  Heart of Hearts  buy on itunes
The Whispers  Rock Steady  buy on itunes
The Fixx  Secret Separation  buy on itunes
Santana  Europa  buy on itunes
Icehouse  No Promises  buy on itunes
Teshima Aoi  Therru's Song (Tales from Earthsea O.S.T.)  buy on itunes
John Williams  Cavatina (Reprise) {The Deer Hunter O.S.T.}  buy on itunes
Fleetwood Mac  Hypnotized  buy on itunes
Laven der Diamond  My Shadow Is A Monday  buy on itunes
The Preten ders  I Go To Sleep  buy on itunes
T. Rex  Girl  buy on itunes
Rodrigo y Gabriela  Stairway To Heaven  buy on itunes
Fibes, Oh Fibes!  Secret Diamond Deal (Don't Give It Up)  buy on itunes
Pat Metheny Group  Last Train Home  buy on itunes
The Beatles  I'll Be Back  buy on itunes


Songs that just won't stop playing in one's mind are now called "ear worms". Most people have their own special ear worms, some annoying, others welcome. Here are a bunch that do that for me.


Funky Ratchet
Date: 11/21/2008
#3, 8, and 11 have caused me similar problems at one time or another. For some reason, the song that does it to me the worst is Zeppelin's "Heartbreaker."
Date: 11/21/2008
Quite a few of my own 'ear worms' on display here. Looks like a great listen. Dig 1,11,13 & 14 the mostest..
Date: 11/21/2008
The title made me click. The tracklist made me stay.
avocado rabbit
Date: 11/21/2008
You've wormed your way into my ears with this mix. I think having Steve Miller's Midnight Tango playing consistently would be right for me.
Date: 11/23/2008
Some of my earworms are here too. (The welcome kind, like Celluloid Heroes.)
Date: 11/23/2008
"Ear Worms" seems like an apt description for this phenomonon. A lot of these tracks are ear worms for me too. Great mix.
Date: 11/29/2008
ohrwA+rme sind echt komische phAñnomene. i definitely enjoy having marvin gaye songs worm their way into my brain.
Date: 3/10/2009
hey whats up? Okay you said you didn't know the difference between black/goth/and death metal. Death metal and black metal share similarities: both are extreme metal, both can be anti-religious, both have fast music tempos, both can sing about death, and both have fast drumming. They are different though such as death metal has more of a "growling" vocal where it's about being as brutal and harsh as possible. Very "low" sounding most of the time vocally. The tempos change in death metal too. In black metal there may be keyboards be used to make an atmosphere or have a symphonic quality to it. Not many keyboards in death metal. Black metal uses shrieking vocals and somewhat more higher vocals. Black metal bands sometimes uses white "corpse paint", not used in death metal. Goth metal can be less extreme speed and style wise but employs similar aesthetics and ethos. Type O Negative, HIM, Lacuna Coil sound nothing like Cannibal Corpse or Suffocation or Dimmu Borgir. Goth metal is depressing and singing about death and sadness in life but isn't angry so much as it is mournful and melancholy. I hope this clears it up. rock on!
Date: 3/15/2009
yeah, glam metal and hair metal are basically the same thing. "hair metal" is more of a slightly negative slang.

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