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Other Mixes By quirky.nicotine.girl.

Cassette | Theme - Romantic
Cassette | Theme - Romantic
Cassette | Theme - Romantic
Cassette | Alternative - Indie Rock


Side A
Artist Song Buy
Annie  Heartbeat  buy on itunes
The Faint  Worked Up So Sexual  buy on itunes
Bright Eyes  Falling Out of Love at This Volume  buy on itunes
Conor Oberst  Cape Canaveral  buy on itunes
TV on the Radio  Staring at the Sun  buy on itunes
Dntel  Roll on (feat. Jenny Lewis)  buy on itunes
Thao with the Get Down Stay Down   Bag Of Hammers  buy on itunes
Sea Wolf  The Cold, The Dark & The SIlence  buy on itunes
Cat Power  Cross Bones Style  buy on itunes
Elliott Smith  Either/Or  buy on itunes
The Botticellis  Old Home Movies  buy on itunes
Liars  The Other Side of Mr. Heart Attack (ep version)  buy on itunes
Ride  Vapour Trail  buy on itunes
White Williams  New Violence  buy on itunes
Okkervil River  Our Life is Not a Movie or Maybe  buy on itunes
Vampire Weeke*d  Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa  buy on itunes
Wilco  Kamera  buy on itunes
Blonde Redhead  Silently   buy on itunes
Side B
Ambulance Ltd  Ophelia  buy on itunes
Caribou  Irene  buy on itunes
The Brian Jonestown Massacre  Op*n Heart Surgery  buy on itunes
Asobi Seksu  Thursday  buy on itunes
Sparklehorse  Shade and Honey  buy on itunes
Elliott Smith  Say Yes  buy on itunes
Earlimart  Song For  buy on itunes
Liz Phair  Fuck And Run  buy on itunes
The Strokes  Barely Legal  buy on itunes
Blonde Redhead  This Is Not  buy on itunes
Metric  Combat Baby  buy on itunes
Black Kids  I'm Not Going To Teach Your Boyfrie*d How To Dance  buy on itunes
New Order  Age Of Consent  buy on itunes
Santogold  Lights Out  buy on itunes
Phoenix  If I Ever Feel Better  buy on itunes
Air  Highschool Lover  buy on itunes
The Dandy Warhols  The Last High  buy on itunes
We Are Scientists  This Scene Is Dead  buy on itunes


i recently befrie*ded the most amazing girl and felt so incredibly inspired to mix for her. side one- first mix. side two- second mix (and i know the first one has his other moniker, but forgive me, i think it flows).


Date: 11/25/2008
Is it really breaking the rule if the artist records under different names, or even in different bands? Heh!

I like a lot of this, what with my penchant for mopey indie fare. Lots to love here!
Date: 11/25/2008
She will definitely appreciate this inspired mix!
Date: 11/25/2008
i don't know- that's why i mentioned it- some people are really strict about it, i'm more fluid in that respect, like what if i had added a jenny lewis track to side one? i think for the sake of the flow for the mix- you can totally take liberties. music is love. and mixing is art!
avocado rabbit
Date: 12/2/2008
I agree, to heck with the rules, if it sounds right mix it.
Date: 12/10/2008
Both sides look amazing. Nice work.

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