it's all hopeless, but it's not serious

Artist Song Buy
owen  who's found who's hair in who's bed   buy on itunes
cat power  back of your head  buy on itunes
beck  lost cause  buy on itunes
amy rigby  better stay gone  buy on itunes
the velvet teen  forlorn  buy on itunes
the new year  the newness e nds  buy on itunes
chris walla  our plans, collapsing  buy on itunes
the new pornographers  my rights vs. yours  buy on itunes
say hi to your mom  prefers unhappy e ndings  buy on itunes
steven jackson & the leavers  the leavers and the left-behinds  buy on itunes
rogue wave  love's lost guarantee  buy on itunes
cheri knight  white lies  buy on itunes
pedro the lion  bad diary days  buy on itunes
bob mould  the silence between us  buy on itunes
the magnetic fields  i'll dream alone  buy on itunes
loudon wainwright iii  our own war  buy on itunes
idlewild  live in a hiding place  buy on itunes
the beautiful south  hot on the heels of heartache  buy on itunes
nada surf  always love  buy on itunes
quasi  i never want to see you again  buy on itunes


Going through a break-up is never easy, neither for the leaver nor the left-behind. And who cannot relate from first-hand experience? But in the words of the poet, Ms. Browning: "I would rather experience a hopeless love than a passionless love." In other words, it is better to have loved and lost as long as you loved (and were loved) well.

This is the first of two alt-dj mixes from natalyesaurus and avocado rabbit. Natalye is not big on capital letters as you can see above, and her mixing partner wants to cheer her up.

But of course there is a quiz: Which band in this mix is led by a husband and wife who have split up?


Rebel Princess
Date: 12/5/2008
Browning was an incredible poet. I absolutely love (with capital letters) that Beck track. And Loudon!
Date: 12/7/2008
Is this title something like Desperate, But Not Serious? This playlist certainly has no capital letters, but has plenty of capital artists and is put together by two capital mixers. Long-stemmed red roses to both of you!
Funky Ratchet
Date: 12/7/2008
Really like this! Glad to see Bob Mould and Amy Rigby. And, that Beck track.
Date: 12/10/2008
Nat has that influence, great mix, you two
Date: 12/14/2008
i only know a few tracks on this one, but the song titles alone paint a vivid picture. . . great job!!
Date: 12/14/2008
love the art on this one. ohhh and no one has guessed re: sam & janet?!
Date: 12/21/2008
The thought that has gone into this mix is great. Is the answer to the quiz Quasi (Sam Coombs and Janet Weiss)?

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