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Dementia Of Childhood Phenomena

Artist Song Buy
Floop  Cruel World (from Spy Kids)  buy on itunes
Adam Sandler  Four Years Old  buy on itunes
Fraggle Cast  Fraggle Rock Theme(Extended Dance Remix)  buy on itunes
Switchblade Symphony  Gutter Glitter  buy on itunes
Sebastian  Kiss The Girl(Disney Dance House Remix)  buy on itunes
Green Jello  The Bear Song  buy on itunes
Unknown  The Chicken Dance(Techno Remix)  buy on itunes
Various Artists  Hi Diddle Dee Dee  buy on itunes
Unknown  I Think My Teletubbie Is Gay  buy on itunes
Lyle Lovett  Penguins  buy on itunes
Gregory's Funhouse  Fairyland  buy on itunes
Simple Aggression  Jedi Mind Trick  buy on itunes
Supernova  Chewbacca  buy on itunes
Seseme Street  Seseme Street Theme(Technomix)  buy on itunes
Steven Tyler  I Love Trash  buy on itunes
Tori Amos  This Old Man  buy on itunes
Big Bad Voodoo Daddy  Ol' MacDonald  buy on itunes
LL Cool J  Who's Afraid Of The Big Bad Wolf  buy on itunes
Moby  Verb:That's What's Happening  buy on itunes
Green Jello  Three Little Pigs  buy on itunes
Simpsons  Itchy & Scratchy Theme  buy on itunes
Korn  Shoots And Ladders  buy on itunes
Wumpscut  Hamster Dance(Undead Mix)  buy on itunes




chad lamasa1
Date: 5/31/2001
ok this is a mix i need a copy of. would you be willing to trade? i've often wanted to do something like this and just don't have enough kids stuff. i loved fraggle rock as well but my favorite kids show was (another henson creation) the muppets. on top of that you're a kevin smith fan. i'm a huge kevin smith freak. i have all his movies and i'm really excited about jay and silent bob strike back. you probably already know about this site but in case you didn't if you go to http://newsaskew.com it will give you all the lastest kevin smith info. go search thru my mixes. i lean towards heavier stuff but i have a ton of different genres so i'm sure i could put something together for you. most of the mixes are under pezboy, but there are some under blue devil. kudos on a great mix.

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