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The Definition Of Repentance

Artist Song Buy
The Beach Boys (or Brian Wilson)  Mrs. O' Leary's Cow  buy on itunes
Death Cab For Cutie  I Will Possess Your Heart  buy on itunes
Deep Forest  Deep Forest  buy on itunes
The Dust Brothers feat. Tyler Durden  This Is Your Life  buy on itunes
Cybertribe  Voices (From A Distant Planet)  buy on itunes
Buckethead   Pandamasna  buy on itunes
Explosions In The Sky  The Birth And Death Of The Day (Jesu mix)  buy on itunes
Porcupine Tree  The Sound Of Muzak  buy on itunes
The Jimi H3ndrix Experience  Hey Joe  buy on itunes
Portishead  Mysterons  buy on itunes
Juno Reactor  Conga Fury  buy on itunes
Leonard Cohen  The Future  buy on itunes
Tom Waits  Goin' Out West  buy on itunes


Starting in one direction and going another in the gathering of cuts, this was going to be a "Here, you've never heard these artists" and suddenly spun off when I heard that Canadian growl "When they said "Repent, repent"/I wondered what they meant."The call to repent can only lead to Tom.Sorry.That is the way I see it.Repent changed which Porcupine Tree cut to use, and I loved the slide from that to Jimi. Happy whatever.


Funky Ratchet
Date: 12/26/2008
Nice! The two closers are my favorite part, but you may remember I have a liking for that Cohen track.

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