eating leftovers: holiday 2008 disc five.

Artist Song Buy
nerf herder  i've got a boner for christmas  buy on itunes
weston/the bouncing souls  do they know it's christmas?  buy on itunes
tv-tv  daddy drank our x-mas money  buy on itunes
the dickies  silent night  buy on itunes
relient K  angels we have heard on high  buy on itunes
blink-182  happy holidays, you bastard  buy on itunes
mr. t experience  merry fucking christmas  buy on itunes
the damned   there ain't no sanity claus  buy on itunes
das wanderlust  santa claus is get you  buy on itunes
the dismemberment plan  this christmas  buy on itunes
the greedies  a merry jingle  buy on itunes
asobi seksu  merry christmas (i don't want to fight tonight)  buy on itunes
major organ and the adding machine  what a wonderful world  buy on itunes
airport girl  glitterball  buy on itunes
bunnygrunt  i am gonna be warm this winter  buy on itunes
belle and sebastian  santa, bring my baby back to me  buy on itunes
the promise ring  holiday adam  buy on itunes
suretoss  snowless winter  buy on itunes
trembling blue stars  christmas and train trips and things  buy on itunes
vince guaraldi trio  the christmas song  buy on itunes
pedro the lion  i heard the bells on christmas  buy on itunes
low  just like christmas  buy on itunes
kevin devine  splitting up christmas  buy on itunes
ladybug transistor and frien_ds  christmas extravaganza  buy on itunes
beat happening  christmas  buy on itunes


an epic undertaking, for sure. this is the last volume but there are still some songs left over. disc one, disc two, disc three and disc four are all here. no d/l link for this one although i can forward one to anyone who really wants it - minus the kevin devine track because the file i have on my drive is skipping and the original cd is 1200 miles away at the other home. the asobi seksu track (ramones cover) is so sick i can't stand it. happy holidays aotm-ers.


Date: 12/23/2008
I gave this one an extra half a star for the titles :P .

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