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Cassette | Mixed Genre
Cassette | Mixed Genre
Cassette | Mixed Genre
Cassette | Mixed Genre

dos gatos

Side A
Artist Song Buy
the cramps  can your pussy do the dog? (live)  buy on itunes
beck  dead wild cat / the spirit moves me  buy on itunes
unwound  everything is weird  buy on itunes
the chessmen  you can't catch me  buy on itunes
sonic youth  dirty boots  buy on itunes
the wedding present  catwoman  buy on itunes
the mountain goats  bluejays and cardinals  buy on itunes
the animals  don't let me down  buy on itunes
elastica  pussycat  buy on itunes
captain beefhart  safe as milk  buy on itunes
luna  city kitty  buy on itunes
764-hero  the way a leash feels  buy on itunes
mercury rev  chasing a bee  buy on itunes
johnny cash  mean eyed cat  buy on itunes
    buy on itunes
Side B
imperial teen  alone in the grass  buy on itunes
yatsura  down home kitty  buy on itunes
yatsura  hello kitty  buy on itunes
yatsura  siamese  buy on itunes
shudder to think  the call of the playground  buy on itunes
wolf colonel  pet you over  buy on itunes
the spinanes  i love that party with the monkey kitty  buy on itunes
howe gelb  temptation of egg  buy on itunes
fiver  pretty kitty  buy on itunes
mogwai  oh! how the dogs stack up  buy on itunes
alpha  firefly (reciever mix)  buy on itunes
delgados  knowing when to run  buy on itunes
chappaquiddick skyline  the two of you sleep  buy on itunes
cat power  salty dog  buy on itunes
grandaddy  underneath the weeping willow  buy on itunes


a mix i made for my two cats. because they're so helpful when i make mixes... knocking over stacks of cd's and jumping on to the stereo, making the cd skip. i threw in a yatsura block on side 2 because they love yatsura, and so do i. the tape is mostly music for play... for yarn chewin', fur lickin', bug eatin', dog scratchin' and string chasin'.... but it mellows out a bit at the end to send them into feline slumberland. fun to listen to even if you don't have hairballs.
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Date: 6/1/2001
my cats did that I'd kick em. There's a band called The Mountain Goats? Awesome.
El Gato Boxeador
Date: 6/1/2001
Great idea....I have to make a mix for my cats sometime. My cats seem to prefer to play around with the headphone cord.
Date: 6/1/2001
We have been writing a song about cats. We really just wanted to sing in spanish and el gato is one of the few words we knew. We should name the song after your mix. Your mixes are worthy of so much more I know, but this small token is all I can muster at this point. Papa Luvz ya!
Date: 6/2/2001
cats deserve their own music.
dave e.
Date: 6/5/2001
i've been putting off getting a nuevo gato for months now, and this tape almost makes me wanna run right out and adopt something tiny, black and adorable. i think i shall name it omspoon in your honor.

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