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Whither the Zither?

Artist Song Buy
Air  Alpha Beta Gaga  buy on itunes
Ad Astra Per Aspera  Everybody Lets Me Down  buy on itunes
The United Steel Workers of Montreal  Small Town Banks  buy on itunes
Lost Dakotas  Back in Black  buy on itunes
Two-Minute Miracles  The Minus Ball  buy on itunes
Sexsmith & Kerr  Love Henry  buy on itunes
Carolyn Mark  The One That Got Away (With It)  buy on itunes
They Might Be Giants  Brain Problem Situation  buy on itunes
The Rheostatics  The Tarleks  buy on itunes
Stephen Malkmus  The Hook  buy on itunes
The Joel Plaskett Emergency  There's Love in the Air  buy on itunes
The Mopeds  The Right To Be Unfunky  buy on itunes
Flight of the Conchords  Robots  buy on itunes
Geoff Berner  That's What Keeps the Rent Down  buy on itunes
Camper Van Beethoven  Crossing Over  buy on itunes
Carrie Catherine  Promises  buy on itunes
Po'Girl  Cold Hungry Blues  buy on itunes
Nik Freitas  Sun Down  buy on itunes
The Acorn  Crooked Legs  buy on itunes
Mister Mann  Traveling on the Coattails  buy on itunes


A mixchange made for a fri*nd of mine. It's rather heavy on banjo (intentional) and songs about murder (completely unintentional).
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Date: 1/26/2009
Maybe because banjos are not cited often enough as murder weapons . . . Just kidding! Lots of interesting se1ections and a very unique set of themes.

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