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S'thern Jams

Artist Song Buy
Langhorne Slim  In the Midnight   buy on itunes
BTla Fleck  Slipstream  buy on itunes
Bob Dylan  One More Night  buy on itunes
Merle Haggard  Mama Tried  buy on itunes
Johnny Cash  Ring of Fire  buy on itunes
Drive-By Truckers  The Righteous Path  buy on itunes
Bright Eyes  Another Travelin' Song  buy on itunes
Jenny Owen Youngs  Fuck Was I  buy on itunes
Death Vessel  Mean Streak  buy on itunes
Alela Diane  White As Diamonds  buy on itunes
Jim White  Handcuffed to a Fence in Mississippi  buy on itunes
16 Horsepower  Coal Black Horses  buy on itunes
Okkervil River  Dead Dog Song  buy on itunes
Woven Hand  Cripplegate (Standing On Glass)  buy on itunes
Paul Duncan  The Lake Pt. 2  buy on itunes
Blanche  Scar Beneath the Skin  buy on itunes


I made this mix for a forum I post on. Most people there hold the same opinion I did a few years ago, that there is no good country music. I decided to prove them wrong. I realize a lot of this isn't pure country, that it ranges from folk to Americana to rock, but it's all got country influence at the very least. Yes, the title is a Mitch Hedberg reference.

Click the first track to download the whole mix.


Date: 2/11/2009
Just played this at work. loved the Langhorne Slim opOner, Bright Eyes and Woven Hand were also highlights. unfortunately, I thought the pretty Jenny Owen Youngs tune was marred by her insistent sensationalism. it made my eyes roll, and I bet she's totally insufferable in person. blah, blah... great mix though, and the proof about new country certainly is right here in your pudding.

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