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Family Tradition 1

Artist Song Buy
The Tokens  The Lion Sleeps Tonight (Wimoweh)  buy on itunes
The Beatles  The Continuing Story Of Bungalow Bill  buy on itunes
Toots & Maytals  Monkey Man  buy on itunes
Louis Jordan  Ain't Nobody Here But Us Chickens  buy on itunes
Cab Calloway with the Two-Headed Monster  The Hi De Ho Man  buy on itunes
Spike Jones  Yes! We Have No Bananas  buy on itunes
Cri-Cri  Rat?n Vaquero  buy on itunes
The Beatles  Piggies  buy on itunes
Bruce Springsteen  Chicken Lips and Lizard Hips  buy on itunes
The Coasters  Yakety Yak  buy on itunes
Gene Vincent  Be-Bop-A-Lula  buy on itunes
Roy Orbison  Candy Man  buy on itunes
Chuck Berry  Too Pooped To Pop  buy on itunes
Neil Young & The Shocking Pinks  Cry, Cry, Cry  buy on itunes
Brian Wilson  Little Children  buy on itunes
John Prine  Picture Show  buy on itunes
The Raiders  Indian Reservation  buy on itunes
The Monkees  (I'm Not Your) Steppin' Stone  buy on itunes
Eldridge Holmes  Pop, Popcorn Children  buy on itunes
Rufus Thomas  Old MacDonald Had a Farm  buy on itunes
Rosie Flores  Red, Red Robin  buy on itunes
Louis Jordan  Beans and Cornbread  buy on itunes
Bob Dylan  This Old Man  buy on itunes
Chet Atkins  I'm My Own Grandpaw  buy on itunes
Johnny Cash  One and One Makes Two  buy on itunes
The Beatles  Rocky Racoon  buy on itunes
The Rolling Stones  Dear Doctor  buy on itunes
Ch arlie Brown  King of the Road  buy on itunes
Ernie  Rubber Duckie  buy on itunes


My family is big on traditions and one tradition I want to carry on is passing along music to my nephews, as my uncle did for me. This is for the oldest of my nephews, who is not yet two (his mother, my sister, also has twin boys born last November so, yes, she has her hands full). We are going to visit them later today, so I wanted to bring a sorpresita for my nephew, who is also my Godson. It was a big of a challenge to find songs that could work with his attention-span and I'm sure I didn't succeed 100%, but based on how much he liked the Prine, Johnny Cash and Dylan from the copy of Redneck 10/Monkey 12 that Doowadette allowed me to copy for him, I think he'll like it.The album cover is a (better) copy of a thirty-five year old LP I still have. Apre ndf mis primeras palabras en espa±ol con Don Gato.


Texas Hobart
Date: 2/22/2009
I'm glad you got this thing to work.How? This looks like a mighty fine mix.Hope he will grow to appreciate it as he gets older but,it's nice you are sharing so soon.I wish i had someone to do that with me when i was soo young.
Date: 2/22/2009
How gracious of Doowadette to consent to your "borrowing" something of hers! You are keeping it all in the family. Rock on at any age!
avocado rabbit
Date: 2/22/2009
And you en ded with a song from a Sesame Street mix I'm doing. What great taste! And what a fine tradition to maintain.
Date: 12/9/2012
chuck berry's "too pooped to pop" never sounded the same to me after i heard about the man's, y'know, predilections. also, "wee wee hours". you know what i'm saying i'm sure

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