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happy birthday erin

Artist Song Buy
edson  swallow the bitter pill  buy on itunes
action biker  farrah  buy on itunes
red sleeping beauty  bicycling  buy on itunes
the language of flowers  shes gone away  buy on itunes
le futur pompiste  certain signs  buy on itunes
brideshead  love makes the sun shine bright  buy on itunes
starlet  late march  buy on itunes
saturday looks good to me  meet me by the water  buy on itunes
sportique  if you ever change your mind  buy on itunes
sodastream  mrs gray  buy on itunes
heavenly  our love is heavenly  buy on itunes
aden  scooby doo  buy on itunes
the popguns  bye bye baby (cd)  buy on itunes
the russian futurists  your life on magnetic tape  buy on itunes
airport girl  somewhere between delta and delaware  buy on itunes
girls at our best  fast boyfrien ds  buy on itunes
jane pow  morningside  buy on itunes
the dentists  the fun has arrived  buy on itunes


this is for a new frie nd (this website no longer lets you use the letters "e, n, d" next to eachother because of some weird filter they put on content. hence, my odd spellings and spaces) who just had her birthday last night so i made her a mix. it starts modern indie pop and finishes with older stuff. lots of women! these are all my old standby's, they've all appeared on mixes before but i havent made a mix in ages so it was good practice :)
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Date: 3/23/2009
Oh Jamie B - won't you play with me? Good to see a post from you here at AOTM. THe neighborhood has changed a bit since you last dro-pped in, hasn't it? ANyway, this looks like a typical fab indie pop mix from you with old fave like the Popguns, Language of Flowers, Dentists, Girls At Our Best, Red Sleeping Beauty, etc. Have you heard Burning Hearts? They're a spinoff band from La Futur Pompiste and of course they're wonderful. Oh, and happy birthday Erin!
Date: 4/17/2009
Yeah, what Moe said

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