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Vapour City

Artist Song Buy
Twine  En_dormie   buy on itunes
Cellula  Onca  buy on itunes
Peter Gabriel  Sketch Pad With Trumpet And Voice  buy on itunes
Underworld  Skym  buy on itunes
Nudge  Blue Screen  buy on itunes
Ingrid Chavez  Whispering Dandelions  buy on itunes
Eivind Aarset  Changing Waltz  buy on itunes
V.V.  Track 5  buy on itunes
Terminal Sound Sy_stem  Duchamp Falls  buy on itunes
Muggs  Far Away  buy on itunes
Krister Linder  Mixed Blood  buy on itunes
Bluebird Handwriting  Frost Carrier  buy on itunes
Abstract Audio Sy_stems  Morpheus Kiss  buy on itunes


It's 3am and it's always raining outside, the neon splashed and beaded. There's a haze over everything and every step echoes off brick walls, glass, and steel. It's that alone time where your best home is in your head, locked up safe with thoughts and dreams. All is quiet before the morning's mad dance. A cab strolls by, but the walk feels better. Turn up your collar and take in the night. Welcome to Vapour City.


avocado rabbit
Date: 5/5/2009
Looks wonderful. I'll be playing this on the ride home tonight right around dusk.
Date: 5/6/2009

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