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Surfing The Stratosphere

Artist Song Buy
Jesu  Farewell   buy on itunes
Curve  The Colour Hurts  buy on itunes
David Bowie  Heroes  buy on itunes
My Bloody Valentine  To Here Knows When  buy on itunes
Bowery Electric  Fear Of Flying  buy on itunes
Austere  Dwine  buy on itunes
HeadPhoneOverTone  Crazy  buy on itunes
Pink Floyd  Obscured By Clouds  buy on itunes
Anonymous  Really Low Fi  buy on itunes
Godflesh  Flowers  buy on itunes
Sinewave  Shapeshifting Space Lizards  buy on itunes
Moby  God Moving Over The Face Of The Waters  buy on itunes
Beef Terminal  Knife In The T_able  buy on itunes


As corny as it sounds, I've always loved cloud watching. Big groups of puffy cumulus floating gently along. Shoals of razor thin cirrus soaring high in the sky. Towering cumulonimbus blocks pouring forward, bringing the rain with them. There's quite a palette of formations to be seen and the right music gets me right up there with them. "Surfing The Stratosphere" was birthed while walking across the Brooklyn Bridge on one of our first real days of spring here in NYC. The sky was bright and full of fast moving clouds. I was, as always, plugged in and Jesu's "Farewell" completely clicked with the scene. And the rest is right here.
There's a lot of different styles in this mix, from blissful shoegazing (Jesu, Curve, MBV) to glittering ambient (Austere, HPOT... Moby?) to beat driven drone (Bowery Electric, Sinewave) to simply towering and destructive (Godflesh). And the final track, while seemingly out of place, reminds me of watching the red skies of dusk over the Wolf Rocks in Middle of Nowhere, Pennsylvania, some 30 years ago.
Call it a quirk, but for me it fits.


DJ Abstract
Date: 5/4/2009
Date: 5/6/2009
Just lovely, and love the contrast at the e_nd.

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