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Sine Rider

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Jacen Solo  Forbidden Medicine   buy on itunes
Planet Boelex  Forever And Always  buy on itunes
Abyssal Plains  Daybreak In Roatan  buy on itunes
Ulrich Schnauss  Knuddlemaus  buy on itunes
Koordinate Of Wonders  Living Line B  buy on itunes
Autechre  Nine  buy on itunes
Single Cell Orchestra  Explore Your Mind  buy on itunes
Sleepy Town Manufacture  Latatoo (Tao Calm Mix)  buy on itunes
Apparat  Forward/Backward  buy on itunes
Breaks The Blank Day  I Am Glad To Know Nothing  buy on itunes
David Kristian  Bad Mood No. 3672  buy on itunes
Building Castles Out Of Matchsticks  Kiss Me  buy on itunes


Music can be very polarizing. There are folks who like only one type of sound and consider everything else not worth a listen. There are an unfortunate number of people whose ears are only feed by EmpTyV and Top 40 radio, so if it ain't pop, they don't like it. I've found that electronic music in particular suffers due to this. Comments I've heard include "Music made with machines has no soul", "It's just not... organic", or my favorite, "I only like music with lyrics", which is astounding because a) a great deal of "machine music" has lyrics and b) by the same "logic", they shouldn't like jazz, classical, or a host of other genres (which may, unbelievably, be true). Well, regardless of this mutant strain of human (or perhaps just to fly in their faces), may I present a mix of purely electronic music. I could even call it "electronica", if I didn't absolutely loathe that term. I've been picking up a huge amount of free, internet label material and the Planet Boelex track started growing a mix inside my head. There's a lot of glitchy, ambient stuff here and a lot of it is achingly beautiful (at least in my opinion). I wouldn't be able to understand if anyone said that tracks like "Forever And Always" or "Living Line B" have "no soul". And as for the parting track... I suppose it doesn't really fit with the rest, but that's the segue my ears gave me.


DJ Abstract
Date: 5/4/2009
Date: 5/6/2009
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