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Down For The Count

Artist Song Buy
Rick Wright with Sinead O'Connor  Drowning / Reaching for the Rail   buy on itunes
Red Hot Chili Peppers  Warped  buy on itunes
Eels  Rotten World Blues  buy on itunes
Exene Cervenka  Curtains  buy on itunes
Living Colour  Expectation  buy on itunes
Meredith Brooks  Shout  buy on itunes
Jack Johnson  Flake  buy on itunes
Jason Collett  Bitter Beauty  buy on itunes
Remy Zero  Bitter  buy on itunes
Guster  Careful  buy on itunes
Electric Light Orchestra  Don't Bring Me Down  buy on itunes
Kanye West featuring Brandy  Bring Me Down  buy on itunes
The Rolling Stones  Dead Flowers  buy on itunes
Jesse Malin  The Fine Art of Self-Destruction  buy on itunes
Pete Townshen`d  Empty Glass  buy on itunes


Continuing the spiral downward on a dreary afternoon best suited for reading Poe or Gorey. A little hard edge comes with this mix about what goes wrong.

Quiz - One of the musicians this mix was in a band called Tsing-Tsing. Which one? To the winner goes a copy of the mix tracked and with artwork.


Darth Pazuzu
Date: 5/6/2009
Wow! This has got some really good songs on it. I have yet to hear the Rick Wright/Sinead O'Connor and Living Colour songs, but I do know and enjoy the Chili Peppers' Warped, the Stones' Dead Flowers and Pete Townshen-d's Empty Glass!
Mr. Mirage
Date: 5/6/2009
Would that be Rick Wright, keyboardist for the Floyd
Date: 5/6/2009
That Stones song was always our favorite after-bars song for the Wad and I to taunt the pizza hippies...
Date: 5/6/2009
What Darth said. Great ELO pick-broooooosk!
avocado rabbit
Date: 5/7/2009
No winner yet. It is not Mr. Wright.
Date: 5/8/2009
love the eels and elo tracks, although jack johnson (typically) makes me want to punch myself in the face. also a few tracks i haven't heard.

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