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Playlist | Mixed Genre
Playlist | Mixed Genre

Where Were You While We Were Getting High - Mix 2

Artist Song Buy
Rolling Stones  Gimme Shelter  buy on itunes
Nirvana  In Bloom  buy on itunes
Beatles  Helter Skelter  buy on itunes
Faces  Stay With Me  buy on itunes
Aerosmith  Same Old Song And Dance  buy on itunes
Coldplay  Yellow  buy on itunes
Led Zeppelin  Dazed And Confused  buy on itunes
Red Hot Chili Peppers  Californication  buy on itunes
Metallica  Fade To Black  buy on itunes
Social Distortion  Story Of My Life  buy on itunes
White Stripes  Fell In Love With A Girl  buy on itunes
Radiohead  High And Dry  buy on itunes
Neil Young  Down By The River  buy on itunes
Weezer  Hash Pipe  buy on itunes
Kinks  Lola  buy on itunes
AC/DC  Back In Black  buy on itunes
Pearl Jam  Rats  buy on itunes
Guns N' Roses  Sweet Child O'Mine  buy on itunes
Motley Crue  Too Fast For Love  buy on itunes
Oasis  Champagne Supernova  buy on itunes


Mix 2 - This mix is along the lines of my first mix. There just songs that bring back a lot of memories for me.


Date: 8/15/2009
You somehow managed to choose all the same songs I would from those particular albums... Classic cuts, great selection, you rock!:cD
Date: 8/16/2009
I'm with Sherifaerie...I would totally make this mix...!

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