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Playlist | Mixed Genre
Playlist | Mixed Genre

I Got A Bone To Pick With You - Mix 8

Artist Song Buy
Led Zeppelin  Immigrant Song  buy on itunes
Nirvana  Floyd The Barber  buy on itunes
Jesus And Mary Chain  Just Like Honey  buy on itunes
Marilyn Manson  Apple Of Sodem  buy on itunes
Black Rebel Motorycle Club  Red Eyes And Tears  buy on itunes
Bad Religion  American Jesus  buy on itunes
Van Halen  Atomic Punk  buy on itunes
Generation X  Your Generation  buy on itunes
Flaming Lips  Moth In The Incubator  buy on itunes
Metallica  Welcome Home (Sanitarium)  buy on itunes
Roxy Music  Virginia Plain  buy on itunes
Who  Bargain  buy on itunes
Billy Joel  Scenes From An Italian Restaurant  buy on itunes
Bruce Springsteen  Born To Run  buy on itunes
Jam  Standards  buy on itunes
Pixies  Here Comes Your Man  buy on itunes
David Bowie  The Jean Genie  buy on itunes
Devo  Uncontrollable Urge  buy on itunes
Ryan Adams  To Be Young  buy on itunes
Alice In Chains  Would?  buy on itunes


Mix-8 This might be the first mix with Marilyn Manson and Billy Joel on the same mix. Hope you enjoy


Date: 8/18/2009
Dude, dig this one. I would totally make this myself. By the way, I have made a mix with Manson and Joel in it! It was an 'addictions/vices'-themed one and it had "...Italian Restaurant" and "I Don't Like the Drugs (But the Drugs Like Me)"...!

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