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Live Aid 2 (Tape 3 of 3)

Side A
Artist Song Buy
No Doubt   Spiderwebs (live)  buy on itunes
Bush   Everything Zen (live)  buy on itunes
Blink 182  Dammit (live)  buy on itunes
Jane's Addiction  Ain't No Right (live)  buy on itunes
Jane's Addiction  Jane Says (live)  buy on itunes
Elvis Costello   Alison (live)  buy on itunes
Ani Difranco   Gravel (live)  buy on itunes
Ani Difranco   Shy (live)  buy on itunes
the Clash   London Calling (live)  buy on itunes
the Clash   Train in Vain (live)  buy on itunes
the Clash   Should I Stay or Should I Go? (live)  buy on itunes
Coldplay   You Only Live Twice (live)  buy on itunes
Side B
Coldplay   Yellow (live)  buy on itunes
Coldplay   Trouble (live)  buy on itunes
R.E.M.   Crush with Eyeliner (live)  buy on itunes
R.E.M.   Orange Crush (live)  buy on itunes
R.E.M.   You Are the Everything (live)  buy on itunes
R.E.M. with Thom Yorke  E-Bow the Letter (live)  buy on itunes
Radiohead   How to Disappear Completely (live)  buy on itunes
Radiohead   Pyramid Song (live)  buy on itunes
Radiohead   Permanent Daylight (live)  buy on itunes
Radiohead   Motion Picture Soundtrack (live)  buy on itunes
Radiohead   Street Spirit (Fade Out) (live)  buy on itunes
    buy on itunes


This is my idea of what a second Live Aid would probably be like. Three 110-minute tapes...over 5 hours of live music. Bands reunited for the first Live Aid, so I decided to have a few reunite for these tapes, too.
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Date: 6/8/2001
I would save a couple starving Ethopians at a nickel a day for this line up. Just as long as they dont redo We Are The World. Papa Luvz Ya!
Date: 6/9/2001
I'd pay charity if I could see Thom Yorke, Perry Ferrell and the drummer from Blink sing an accappella version of We Are The World.
Date: 6/23/2001
Two of my favorite Ani songs! I really like this tape!

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