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do you remember 1988?

Artist Song Buy
men without hats  pop goes the world   buy on itunes
nu shooz  should I say yes  buy on itunes
lita ford  kiss me deadly  buy on itunes
samantha fox  naughty girls need love too  buy on itunes
depeche mode  never let me down again  buy on itunes
icehouse   crazy  buy on itunes
TAMI show  she's only twenty  buy on itunes
U2  in god's country  buy on itunes
alphaville  forever young  buy on itunes
johnny hates jazz  shattered dreams  buy on itunes
escape club  wild west  buy on itunes
george harrison  I got my mind set on you  buy on itunes
run-d.m.c.  mary, mary  buy on itunes
l'trimm  cars that go boom  buy on itunes
eria fachin  savin' myself  buy on itunes
belinda carlisle  i feel free  buy on itunes
eurythmics  you have placed a chill in my heart  buy on itunes
information society  what's on your mind (pure energy)  buy on itunes
pixies  where is my mind  buy on itunes
the cure  just like heaven  buy on itunes


I have no idea why I made this mix in the early morning hours yesterday. Imperfect nostalgia, I suppose. You stare at the wall for a bit and sometimes things like this happen.

So, these are neither the top songs from 1988 nor are they necessarily the best songs. I didn't want to make a 80's pop mix with the usual pop tunes. I scanned the Billboard charts for songs that didn't make the year's top 100, but that were still apt to be remembered by young people of the era. Most of the songs here fit into that category.

People I knew liked these songs. MTV and Top 40 radio made these tunes part of the 1988 experience. Some were even club hits. I make no apologies for their inclusion, unless someone would feel better if I did make one. Not a huge U2 fan, but U2's most minor hit from their biggest album of the 80's makes the cut because, hey, the Edge could play an interesting guitar sound.

The only song on this mix that was not in Billboard's top 400 for 1988 is the Pixies' "Where is My Mind?" and that was included to show what was taking place in an "alternative universe".

Final thought: 80's pop radio kills 00's pop radio.
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Date: 9/28/2009
Hey this was the year i was born...I love the depeche mode selection and of course the cure is awesome. Some of the stuff I dont know, but what I know I like.
Funky Ratchet
Date: 9/29/2009
Numerous tracks here that I remember well, and several I remember quite fondly at that. Haven't thought of that Icehouse tune in quite a while.
Fashion Munx
Date: 9/29/2009
"Pop Goes The World" is such a great pop song, I think that "Safety Dance" makes the world look at Men Without Hats more unkindly than they deserve.
Date: 10/31/2009
Sorry I am late but I am going to respond to your question. I saw Third Eye Blind in the summer of 2003. They were awesome and played most of the big hits but NOT "Semi Charmed Life" It was odd since that's probably their biggest hit song. Nothing spectaular, but good. I don't rememeber anything about 1988- I turned 3 years old that November. Run DMC is a cool group.

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